Interesting Facts about the Pyramids of Egypt

Interesting facts about the pyramids of egypt

The Pyramids of Egypt are the tombs of the pharaoh’s (The members of the Egyptian kingdom kings Queen and their family) of Egypt. These tombs are built for the king’s queens and their family. These tombs are count in the as accurate buildings of all time. In ancient time the king thought that after his death he will be given the same status and wealth. So he built his pyramid (i.e, Pyramids of Egypt) and after death, he had been placed in it with his queen, his salves and all of his wealth.

pyramids of egypt

Fact about Pyramids of Egypt:

  • The Pyramids of Egypt are known as the ancient world’s Seven Wonders.
  • The Egypt pyramids are including in some of the oldest stone sculptures in the world. They were built nearly more than 5000 years ago.
  • Pyramids of Egypt are some of the largest structured buildings in the world. The size of the base of some of the pyramids is too large that it may go up to the size of ten football fields.
  • The height of these pyramids is too big even the tallest pyramid can even be sighted from the space. 
  • The men involving in the construction of these pyramids are nearly up to 100,000.
  • The time taken by the construction of these huge pyramids is ranged from 20 to 80 years. This means when a new king comes he starts building of his pyramid.
  • The stones that are used in the making of the great pyramid of Giza are limestone and granite was smoothed after every two hours for 23 years.
  • There is a mystery in the pyramids. In the pyramids, the dead bodies of the queen and the king with their wealth and slaves are placed and they use ancient techniques so that the dead bodies may not be decomposed. It consists of a huge number of tunnels. And all the tunnels are consist of tricks and curses to avoid king and queen from the outer world.  Even in the modern world, their dead bodies have not been discovered because there is a great mystery inside the tunnels of the pyramids.
  • There are many places that are locked like king places in the chamber but it was not. These places are only to trick the grave robbers.
  • It is impossible in that time to put billions of stones with a huge weight in such a brilliant pattern that even after passing for four and a half thousands of years it stands there with his glory and mystery.
  • For making this a glorious building they also use mathematics in that time. The position, the angle is perfect; therefore this building is standing there for so many years.  12-Red pyramid the first properly completed structure and has the 2nd largest base of any pyramid.
facts about pyramids of Egypt

Facts about Building of Pyramids:

  • It seems that the Pyramids of Egypt are constructed over the riverside because they use the river for bringing the huge and heavy weighted limestone bricks.
  • After bringing the stones a huge number of slaves were appointed to unload the stones and brought that stones to be placed in the pyramid.
  • For lifting the stone to the level where the work is going on slave use ramps or built of mud bricks. Spiralling ramps are used to lift the huge block of stones. And if it fell by accidentally, it will cost the death of hundreds of slaves.
  • A causeway connected each pyramid to the Neil River. It is Built as a sledge highway, which is used as the corridor for the funeral procession.
  • In the construction of the pyramids average over two million blocks are used. And the weight of each block is range from 2700kg to 70,000kg. In modern days the heavy machinery that is used to build apartments can lift up to 20,000kg.
Facts about Building of Pyramids

Geographical Facts of Pyramids of Egypt:

  • Geographically Pyramids of Egypt are on the west of River Neil, And it’s each side face each cardinal point.
  • In order to protect it from a natural disaster like a flood, it is near and high above the river. The reason for making the pyramid close to the river is because it becomes easy to bring stones to the construction site.
  • There are about 80 pyramids along the side of Neil River. These are built during 1600-2700 BC.
  • The Pyramids are located in the epicentre of the land area of the world, which divides the landmass of earth into equal quarters.
  • The pyramid of Giza points very precisely to the north.

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