Top 10 Natural Remedies to anxiety and depression

reduce anxiety and depression

It is true that doing things in an organized and routine way can calm your mind and is a great stressbuster. Have a look at daily habits which help to reduce anxiety and depression

Natural Remedies to anxiety and Depression


Natural Remedies to  anxiety and depression

Writing is an incredible method to express your feelings. It is a genuine way where you can express your genuine thoughts without altering and hesitation. There will be no decisions, reactions, or judgments from others. It allows you to explore your feelings hidden in your heart’s depths and generally tend to ignore them, but these feelings could come to the surface as you sit down to pen them down.

Good Nap:

Good Nap

Sufficient sleep and a good amount of rest are very important. Sleeping is the point at which our body regenerates itself and repairs to be healthier.

overworking is a very bad and unhealthy practice for the mind and body. Both the body and mind need to rest and develop comes then. Exhaustion is really deeming and leads to an unhappy lifestyle. Overindulgence, when the body is drained can make life really hard.


natural remedies to anxiety and depression

Exercise produces normal endorphins, which helps sets us feeling great. There are a lot of claims and research that claim that regular exercise improves the body and mind. Your capacity to adapt likewise improves promptly the following activity. John Ratey has done captivating research on kids and exercise, so if you don’t consider it healthy read his work.

Drink water:

Drink Water

Hydrating our body is often neglected when our body is composed of 95 percent water. A dehydrated body can feel drained and cause muscle pain leading to a tired and slow body. We often get confused between hunger and thirst go before considering taking a snack break, we should gulp in a glass of water. Carbonated drinks, lemonade, or caffeinated beverages are not considered water.

Vitamin D and omega-3:

Vitamin D and Omega-3

Nutrients and unsaturated fats are very essential supplements that help the mind, but our fast diets don’t offer enough of either and then we gain weight. This leads to us feeling miserable about ourselves. Also, today, use sunscreen that prevents our body from getting enough vitamin d that we get naturally from the sun.

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Being social:

Being Social

One should not be too dependent on Social media instead be social physically with real people, not virtual friends sitting miles away talking through a screen. Physical touch and presence fills people with warmth and motivates people to find distractions from a monotonous life. Going out not only Serves as a distraction but so boosts the mood.



A lot of people consider meditation o very healthy practice. Meditation is sometimes considered to be religious and strict but that is not the case. Sometimes, a person clutches to a lot of bad habits and feelings that lead to a gloomy lifestyle,  the point of meditation is entirely about letting go of this burden that our minds hold and clutch to the entire time. Releasing such feelings and emotions is liberating.



Gratitude is all about remembering things we are thankful for. One should express gratitude daily consistently. No matter how hard and tough the times are, one will always have something to express gratitude about. This builds a positive surrounding around that person and brings a positive attitude. Whenever the time is tough we should always recall good times. One can just simply write this appreciation for life or can talk about it loudly to himself when alone.

Organic Food:

Organic Food

We eat is what we are, that’s what our body and our mind become. When we eat right we feel right. Organic food is not only healthy for our body got also for our mind. There are a lot of places and local businesses that give us freshly grown fruits and vegetables that are seasonal and locally grown. Organic food is gaining popularity due to its nutritional content.

Practice unlimited love:

Practice unlimited love

As we indulge in our day-to-day Schedule We tend to forget people and things we love and love to do. Our passion and compassion both die a slow death. This might be the hardest thing to realize. However if we surround ourselves with people we truly love and do things we are passionate about, we will start receiving softness and happiness in return.

All these practices can’t keep you happy and depression-free on your own but they will definitely help you cope with it. The battle with depression will be tough but at be conquered if we are really willing to. And in the end, you can come out of it with a much confident personality.


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