How to become a Graphic designer || Not sure where to start? Here you go!

How to make future in Graphics designing

It is a case of an affair. That, there are hardly a few graphic creators in an association. Although, there is a set of work to do. Is it so that they don’t necessitate any? Or, few designers are more than sufficient for them? Or, the entire representation is distinct from what we are expecting it to be?

Don’t stress out. We’ll be answering all your questions in this article.

Your mind must be bombarding questions like, is it worth it to be a graphic designer? How much I’ll get paid? And, especially how to start?

And, if you’re a beginner and just getting started with graphic designing then, you should continue reading this. Why? Because we’re going to cover all the things.

How to become a Graphic designer

Graphic designing is not as complex as you might have plotted in your mind. It is a job where you need to innovate and design according to the demand. The work of a graphic designer is to create and design the user interface which attracts the majority. And helps a page to grow much faster and to make it stand out of all. A graphic designer makes sure to operate on the visuals of the work.

Designing brochures, attracting advertisements, using a collection of creative colour shades, and designing templates are all that a graphic designer does. And, you can be one.

Steps for getting started to pursue your dream to be a graphic designer:

The first thing is to start from the basics of designing. Make the best use of the things you have. Use internet. Join the different communities and start learning from them. And, if you eagerly want to pursue your purpose and want to be a graphic designer, then go with a university degree that will help you clear your doubts from the basics. And will help you give a solid foundation. And also, sometimes it is made compulsory to have a school degree to be a graphic designer. So, to be on the safer side. It is good to get a school degree before proceeding.

Not sure where to start? Here you go!

We suggest you start by doing a university course. Before, just jumped for it. And, after this, you can go for online routes to nourish your learnings.

Some online platforms you can choose from:


udemy for graphic designer

Udemy is a platform where you get to learn anything and everything you want. What you’ll need to do? Just go to the site hunt for your desired topic and, boom. You’ll get several courses provided by different instructors. Go by the reviews and select the most appropriate one for you. And, there you go learning what you want.


Coursera for graphic designer

Coursera is a well-known online learning platform among all other learning platforms. There are several graphic designing courses available at Coursera. In which you can enrol and get going with it. It will provide you with a solid floor to come and learn new things in your arms.


unschool for graphic designer

You might not have heard about it before. It is an educational foundation that aims to bring the best courses for you. You can go and take any routes from there also. It is a newly emerging built platform, which provides a good platform for you to enlarge your knowledge.

You can refer to the platforms which I have suggested above, or you can go with any other floors also which you prefer to.

Have you ever heard of these four words together?

“Learn + Practice + Apply + Repeat”

And this is what we are doing!

And if you have stable expertise in HTML, CSS, and JS. Then you’re already on the surviving boat. And if not, then don’t worry. It’s never too late to begin learning.

Along with this, you need to have a good command of a few tools used for graphic designing –

graphic designer tools
  • Adobe Photoshop.
  • Adobe InDesign.
  • CorelDraw Graphics Suite.
  • Sketch.
  • Adobe Illustrator.
  • Gravit Designer.
  • Photoscape.
  • Xara Designer Pro X.
  • GIMP.
  • Affinity Designer.

It will not only help you at work. But this will be a plus point to stand out on the recruiter’s list. These are some tools used for graphic designing which are available for all to use.

Once you are done, by learning the skills. Then it’s time to make things work by applying what you have learned so far. You have learned how to put your legs one by one forward to walk. But, now you need to practice walking. Right?

Practice makes us perfect. Now, where you can practice your skills.

Practice making your designs. Get inspiration from other graphic designers and create your portfolio for showcasing your skills. And use this as a bridge for internships. Do some internships. And, people also lose hope, that they aren’t getting any. But, see you need to wait for your day. Keep hustling. And believe me, you’ll get what you deserve. Maybe not now, but in the future. Have patience.

Try getting paid one. If not, do unpaid. All you get is experience. And, mark my words experience speaks.

Now you see –

✅You have mastered what you have learned.

✅You have a valid degree with you.

✅You have experience.

Now go, apply for jobs. Initially, it may happen like you’re not succeeding in getting a regular job. But you need to keep hustling until you arrive at your desired destination, okay!

And, now the most consequential question coming to your mind must be, is it worth it to be a graphic designer?

is it worth it to be a graphic designer?

Our answer is as solid as the stone.

That yes! It is worth it! As nothing is something big or small. And, let me tell you that according to the statistics, demand for graphic designers will increase by 30% by 2028. And, there is a huge demand for creative designer minds like yours. The average salary of a professional graphic designer in the UK ranges between $60,000 – $63,000. Huge! Right?

It’s a job where you engage your ideas and creativity. And, your work will decide your payment. You can even earn more. It is a job with opportunities for creative souls. In India, the average salary for a graphic designer is 20k per month. And if you’re 5+ years experienced graphics designer, then this amount goes up to 02L plus.

Making a future in any particular field is not a measure, that you need to be born ready to be fit and successful for that job. It depends on how much you are devoted to it. Future is not what comes defined with the lines on your hands, but with the hard work you do today.

Graphic designing is a job where you create your abilities and skills to design something unique and attractive. A graphic designer not only increases the visuals but also makes them more flexible and reliable. And this further makes it simpler and easier to use for a consumer. Which indirectly benefits the brand to grow faster.

And if you’re pursuing any dream job, not only graphic designing. But any work of your choice in the field you like. Then don’t give up if you do not see any results. As it is, well said – “Good things take time” wait for the right time. We believe in you!


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