Top 10 Skills for Freelancers | Most demanding freelancing skills in 2023

Top 10 Skills for Freelancers

Freelancing is an independent contract-based job to become self-employed. Freelancers get paid as per their projects and assignments. Freelancing can be done in different fields like writing, designing, and creating. Freelancers get the work with the most demanded skills by observing the tasks and the projects on the different freelancing marketplace like Fiverr, Upwork and Here are Some of the most demanding freelancing skills

1. Creative writer

Content writer

Creative Writers are the content writers who works on freelancer websites that have great access to new projects sought by content writers, bloggers.

Usually, the requirement is to find an author who can write an SEO-researched article with an average word length ranging from 500 to 2000.

Often in such posts, the client directly asks the authors to do keyword research so that the article can get traffic and can be read easily when published. Similarly, there is a great need for bloggers to write different types of blogs and article’s and can do regular blogging.

2. Video Creation

Video Creation

Video Creation is an art of making a different type of videos. If you have noticed that video viewing has become a significant aspect of our lives.

Video sharing platforms are growing day by day like YouTube and other platforms and Video content creators are making videos for their viewers. And the power of visual attraction is unbeatable. It is therefore not surprising that video production and construction is a popular skill that will be sought by the year 2020.

You do not have to be a Pro Video creator to create unique and interesting videos, but basic knowledge of video creation is very important, especially for your independent career.

3. Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing

Marketing is a well-known requirement for all businesses – 63% of business owners say that Marketing is the most significant expense to develop their business. For, all organizations marketing is a well-known necessity.

More than 60 % of owners of the top business brands believe that marketing is the most important key for growing the business. Due to expanding the utilization of popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, the need for social media marketing, digital marketing services has emerged.

Businesses need professionals from DM (Digital Marketing) and SMMA (Social media marketing agency) to help them reach out to their customers and do business online.

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4. Blockchain

Top 10 Skills for Freelancers

Blockchain is a very high demanded skill in the current scenario. One of the highly paid skills for the freelancers is Blockchain. A Blockchain developer gets paid a much higher amount than other freelancing skills.

Blockchain is originally created for crypto-currency, but the blockchain is rapidly changing to suit other purposes. Blockchain is one of the trendings and most demanded skills of the year 2020, the blockchain is going to be sought for longer delivery.

According to LinkedIn’s report the jobs adds that are related to blockchain are increased by 26% from 2018-19.

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5. SEO

Top 10 Skills for Freelancers

SEO (optimization search engine) helps the websites to get better traffic to rank on major search engines, especially Google, Bing, etc. A website without traffic is useless.

SEO is a basic skill and is vital for all type of marketers. There is no need for learning to code for doing SEO. There are thousands of tutorials that can make you master but the SEO algorithm on Google changes quickly so you have to remain up to date in this field.

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6. React Native/Word Press/Angular JS

React Native/Word Press/Angular JS

React Native or Word press or Angular JS are the skills that provide the freelancers, good numbers of projects of these skills can easily be found on many freelancing marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr. You can master up these skills and can get a number of projects.

7. Web Development

Website Development

The world of web development encounters changes every year, whether related to tools, services, coding, languages, or design. And each year, new trends and technologies are emerging to change the way they work.

During the covid-19 the demand for website especially e-commerce website has increased tremendously. Independent web developers have many opportunities to rediscover their potential, and provide expertise in developing trends that include artificial intelligence, voice search integration, and chat conversations.

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8. Software Development

Top 10 Skills for Freelancers

Freelancer websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and more freelance marketplace, there is always a good demand for software development. There is a number of clients that can offer you projects to build their software/applications.

Freelance software development is one of the most demanded skills for freelancers. The software Development Freelancer gets good pay for developing software. Freelance-based software development is increasing day by day as it helps the client to directly contact the developer and demand what they need in their software. 

9. Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

Whether it is any type of media, a mobile application, or a website, the necessity for UX / UI is everywhere. So, the demand for graphic design is always there. Freelance Graphics Designers earn a good amount from designing, different websites and apps graphics interface and due to the construction of a lot of websites, the need for UX / UI is increasing and same as need of the Graphics Designer is also increasing.

10. Data Entry/Virtual Assistant

Data Entry/Virtual Assistant

All the great technical skills like data entry and visual functions of the assistant have always been needed everywhere. These skills do not require any degree and are very importantly required for all freelancer websites.


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