Krishna Janmashtami | Happy Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami

Do you know about Krishna Janmashtami  ? and why it is celebrating in India? and How to celebrate it?

Don’t worry guys I tell you everything about Janmashtami, so are you excited to know about it?
but before describing  I wish you all Happy Janmashtami.
Krishna Janmashtami

Janmashtami –   

 Krishna Janmashtami is one of the most popularly celebrated festivals in India. It is most popular because on this day Lord Krishna born here. It is believed that Lord Krishna is the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Janmashtami is celebrated as a holiday in India so Office, School, Colleges are closed. Do you know why it is popularly known as Janmashtami? Janmashtami is a combination of two words in Hindi, One is Janma that means birth and Ashtami means the eighth day of August-September month.

When is Janmashtami?

Most People are asking nowadays when is Janmashtami? right
You can celebrate Janmashtami on 11 August or 12 August.
Where is Janmashtami especially celebrated?

Janmashtami is celebrated everywhere in India but If you want to see Amazing celebration of the occasion, Visit Mathura and Brindavan For great experience. Mathura is the birthplace of Lord Krishna, and Brindavan is the place where he grew up as an early youth.

How to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami?

Murti (in the form of an image) of Krishna is bathed with water and milk and dress up with new clothes.
Temples and House are decorated with flowers and leaves. All devotees worship by praying and singing bhajan and aarti. Laddu (Sweets) is first offered to Lord Krishna after then prasad is distributed to all devotees.

10 Creative Activities to do on Janmashtami –

1. Take part and involve in Temple works-

If you want to make Janmashtami more enjoyable, you should involve in temple works like decoration of the temple, cleaning of temple, meeting with some awesome people.

2. Do fasting –

Many devotees fasting on the occasion of Janmashtami, but it’s necessary for everyone to do fasting, it’s your choice. Most asking questions by people are that what to eat or what not to eat during fasting-
>> You can eat fruits.
>> You can drink milk.
>> Don’t eat rice ,chapati,onion,garlic.
>> Don’t eat non-veg meals.
>> Don’t consume any salty food.

3. Decorate Temple and house with Flower –

Decoration gives special attention to any festival and makes colourful to house and temple.
So try to decorate your home and near the temple and believe me this involvement makes you happy and your connection to family and friend will become stronger.
Temple decoration

4. Participate in group and sing bhajan(Devotional song) –

If you make Janmashtami more enjoy full then join or create a group and sing a devotional song so that this is another way to connect god and which fully involve you to celebrate it.

5. Design a Janmashtami peacock crown –

Do you know Lord Krishna always wear peacock crown on his head? Yes, that’s a true friend so let’s make your Janmashtami more creative by creating peacock crown. Wear this beautiful crown this will give you a great look and click pic and post on social media.

6. Wear traditional dresses –

When festivals are coming, everyone is looking for purchasing new dresses to look more gorgeous and handsome. Traditional dresses give more attention so you should try it to make the festival more amazing and beautiful.
traditional dresses



7. Draw Rangoli –

You can Draw rangoli by the combination of various colour (powder-form), rangoli is also drawn by using various flower. Rangoli makes Janmashtami more beautiful.

8. Create Krishna Jhula – 

Do you know? Jhula is also an important part of celebrating Janmashtami. Create small Jhula because on this day we place Lord Krishna small murti on it and swing Jhula by hand , This is a really cute way to celebrate it.

9. Make laddu (sweets) –

Well, In India you can’t skip laddu because as you all know that sweets are the most popular and delicious in the test. Making laddu at home involves more you at this beautiful festival. laddu are offered to first Lord Krishna then after puja, you can eat.

10. Bring food to the temple and distribute to all devotees –

Cook food and bring to the temple and distribute to all poor people because in India we believed that God is inside every poor people. and distributing foods to them is only one way to connect to God (Lord Krishna).
Thank you all for reading this article and wish you all Happy Janmashtami.

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