Yoga Vs Gym: Which one is better Yoga or Gym?

Yoga vs Gym

Yoga and Gym are corporal activities that pledge to keep up a healthy life.

What does Yoga mean?

Yoga Vs Gym

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” that means, the amalgamation of mind and body, uniting the human spirit with the Divine spirit. Yoga, the series of exercises and breathing practice keep the glands, nerves and the entire body operating system healthy with minimal application of medicine. Yoga needs great ability in action. The actual expertise of yoga teaches the right breathing hence, the brain receives the blood it requires.

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Benefits of doing Yoga

Can anybody live a life without any control and still be on time for work, study, exercise or without the least effort? Meditation, a practice in yoga compels one to live a life that is completely free from any control yet systematic and achieve a mentally sound and emotionally calm and stable body. 

In 2012, a National Health Interview Survey revealed that individuals who practice yoga regularly urge them to work out more, compels them to eat healthily, increases the quality of sleep, reduces stress, anxiety, shrinks habits of liquor and smoke, and gives advantages to wellbeing.

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What does the term Gym mean?


Greek work “Gymnasium” gives birth to the word “Gym”. Another term used for gyms is “Health or fitness Club”, which are mostly built for indoor practices. Most gyms have fitness machines, tools to do exercises. Needless to say, regular exercise improves health, mind and body. It boosts energy, grows muscle, reduces health complications, improves mood, and manages weight.

Benefits of doing Gym

The benefits of workouts encompass divergent levels of exercises so that hitting the gym regularly does not have tedious experience. The Department of Health and Human Services in the U.S. advocates that an adult gets 150 minutes in a week of medium intensity and 75 minutes in a week of high-intensity workout on average. Exercises to strengthen the muscles helps to boost all major muscles of the body. Working out regularly in the gym decreases the risk of illnesses like osteoporosis (bone loss), high blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and diabetes (type 2).

Some research shows exercise in the gym helps to release endorphins. Endorphins, it is a chemical which the nervous system produces naturally to endure the stress and pain. They are frequently called “feel – good “chemicals since they can perform as a pain reliever, activate positive feeling and contentment booster. During the lockdown period, most of the office goers are forced to work at a desk all day from home, then they are most probably going to suffer from upper and lower back pain. Strength training is helpful to improve physique and body posture.

Yoga, Gym are really contradictory to each other !!!!

Yoga, Gym are really contradictory to each other

Yoga is not an exercise form and to reduce it to a gymnastic format would be a grievous offence. If any individual performs yoga, he does not need any equipment. All he needs is only a small space on the floor and he will have a super-fit body, muscle and mind. It helps human body weight to do the exercises, then nobody will have an excuse that there is no gym nearby. Anybody can perform yoga wherever they are because he has his own body. The yoga system evolves organ health and skeletal health also.

Important views on Yoga versus Gym

Important views on Yoga versus Gym

Different people have different points of view towards both yoga and gym. Report from research by the International Health, Racquet and Sports club Association (IHRSA) states the health industry is continuing to see growth in fitness facilities, total industry revenue and consumer growth. Generation Z and Millennials are a group of members who take great attention to their health and fitness and are willing to pay high prices for health-related services. 

Now for most of the people, the doing gym is much more than exercise. It is an area where people connect, share and workout towards their goal because exercising alone at home is sometimes monotonous. Research shows that smartphones and social media play a key role in both men and women at the gym. Fitness bands and smartwatches are sought-after between both the groups. Nowadays, gyms customize the slots according to the target audiences like ladies, teenagers, senior citizens, working couples. They are inspiring and helping them to reach their fitness goals. Having friends during a workout can be motivating factors. The gym culture is developing a fitness circle. 

It is really tough to choose one over another since both Yoga and Gym have their individual goals and designed through well-thought process and analysis. Both have familiar targets to provide healthy and physical fitness. 


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