Why You Should Learn Python in 2023? Top 6 Reasons to Learn Python

Why Learn Python as a beginner in 2020?
     When you start to learn programming first time, there are many doubts that are going in your mind. 
     which language to start, where to start  & how to start? am I, right friend
     so don’t worry Now  LEARN-E5  helping you to give all your answer.
      If you ask anyone which language to start programming as a beginner?
      Many of them tell you, hey start with c/c++/java.. but I prefer you to start with python. do you know why? let’s see the top 6 reasons to learn python in 2023 but first, we will see what is python?

What is Python ?

Python is the most popular programming language which is mainly used for software development. It was invented by Guido van Rossum in 1991. It is a server-side language which is responsible for interacting with the database. Recently It has increased popularity due to its application in data science. It has many features like Oops Concept, high-level data structures, dynamic binding, and dynamic typing which is really useful for complex software development. The beauty of this language is that you can create complex and large software with less effort.


Why beginner should start programming language as python?
    ★ the syntax is very simple
    ★ It’s easy to understand.
     Free & open source
     Object-oriented programming
     Platform Independent
     Multi-option after learning python

Why Learn Python as a beginner?


1) Syntax  is very simple:

 Python is a  simple programming language, has straightforward syntax.
so anyone can catch this language because it has no complex code, it’s similar to the English language. Suppose if you want to print some line use only print(function) with “print a line”, so you can imagine how simple is python.

2) Easy to Learn and Use:

Python language is so easy to use and learn for new beginners and newcomers. This language is one of the most programming languages available because it has simplified syntax and not complicated, which provides more emphasis on natural language. Due to its ease of learning and usage, python codes can be easily written and executed much faster than other programming languages like c, c++, Java.

Why Learn Python as a beginner in 2020

3)Free Open source:

Python is open source that means it is free & it is available for everyone who can use it freely for any kind of purpose. This language is managed by a python software foundation. It is free available, usable & distributable. There are many frameworks like Django, pygame, flask, etc in which everyone can use it for free.

4)Object-Oriented Programming:

Many of you hearing about OOPs concept, that nothing it’s a short form of
Object-Oriented programming. The primary purpose of the OOPs concept is to increase flexibility, maintainability & security in the program.

  Topics of OOPS-

        ★ CLASS – Class is the blueprint of objects which define the common attributes and behaviour.
        ★ OBJECT – Object is a real-world entity which has property and behviour.
        ★ INHERITANCE – Inheritance means the transfer of properties or characteristics from parent class to the child class.
        ★ POLYMORPHISM – It is a property of an object which takes on many forms. For Example, A person at the same time has a different role suppose a person can be Student, Son, brother.
        ★ DATA ABSTRACTION – It is a process in which we will hide data from users and showing only essential information to users.
        ★ DATA ENCAPSULATION – Data encapsulation is OOPS concept which binds a group of properties, functions, and other members, and they are treated as a single unit.

5)Platform independent:

    It can run on any operating system like Windows, Mac, Linux.
    It supports also all modern web browser(like safari,firefox,chrome e.t.c).

6)Multi-option after learning Python:

After learning python there are several options opening for you. It’s all about your choice of what to choose –
                      1. Backend-Web developer
    2. Data scientist
          3. Machine learning
              4. Game development
            5. IoT (smart devices)
  6. Data Analyst
               7. Artificial Intelligence
Why Learn Python as a beginner in 2020

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  3. I’ve no knowledge of python, but after reading this post, I’ve cleared my doubt for learning python. Thank you for sharing this amazing post.

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