12 Best things to do in Switzerland: Tourist Attractions and activities to watch here

Best things to do in Switzerland

Switzerland is a place to build everlasting memories with a spark of romance. Not only is this place romantic heaven but also adventurously and unforgettable. The scenery of the Alps and lakes create a view that is straight out of some fable. Travellers come from all around the world to enjoy nature and the concrete cities like Geneva, Zurich, and Lausanne which bath in history showcased by their lavish galleries and museums.

Lets take a trip around this countries through words :-

Top things to do in Switzerland

The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn

This is the highest Alpine mountain peak and lies on the border of Italy. Thousands of climber come here to conquer this summit each summer. At its foot lies the village of Zermatt. Here you can enjoy horse-drawn carriage rides and world-class resorts and hotels. Tourists enjoy hiking, skiing,  biking surrounding this mountain.

Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle

This castle is one of the most visited historic building.  This castle is surrounded by lake Geneva. This castle is visited by 350000 tourists every year to enjoy the 25 building on which it stands. 

Sky dining

Sky dining

At Eden au lac sky bar,  sky dining is an all about fancy and most lavish rooftop place that offers great ambience and spectacular views with the most flavourful food and drinks. This place offers calm and breezy views of lake Zurich.

Swiss chocolates

Swiss chocolates

Being the birthplace of milk chocolate, we don’t need to say more when it comes to chocolates especially Swiss ones. You can take a tour of Nestlé’s Callier Factory to treat your sweet tooth and take home great treats for family and friends.

Cable car rides

Cable car rides

At Matterhorn mountain, this is one of the most popular things to do in Switzerland.  This is just about reaching the heights of Alpine peaks in a cable car starting from the village of Zermatt. Here you can soak in the peace and nature that this place offers and then ski back to the village which is completely car-free and has a great air quality. 

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Chapel Bridge

Chapel Bridge switzerland

Kapellbrucke, which means the Chapel bridge is made over river Reuss in the city of Lucerne. This bridge is named after St. Peter’s Bridge and has interior paintings from the 17th century. This is the world’s oldest truss bridge which still stands and survived a fire in 1993 which destroyed some of its unique painting.

The bear park

The Bear Park Switzerland

In Bern, you can play and interact with real bears. Here you can cuddle and play with real bears like your childhood teddy bear as here the bears are harmless and friendly. This park was established in 1512 in Bern’s oldest town to offer such a unique experience is also known as Bern Bearpit.

The Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls or Rheinfall spans at 150 meters in Schaffhausen and are the largest falls in Central Europe. Tourists from all around the world visit it during the month of June and July because when the snow melts, the volume of these falls increases in volume and falls over a 21-meter-high ledge of Jurassic limestone. You can also take a boat trip which provides natural scenery and extraordinary scenery on both sides of the river.



Also known as the Swiss grand canyon, is a narrow passage surrounded by meadows and lush green cliffs. In eastern Switzerland, this place is ideal for bird watchers, hikers and nature lovers. You can also go rafting and kayaking between the months of May and October and enjoy the stunning scenery. This canyon was created by a chain of natural events when the ice age rhine glacier melted led by a rockslide letting the water Rhine river seep in the walls of the rocks.

The Bernina Railway line

The Bernina Railway line switzerland

The Albula or Bernina line is listed as a world heritage site on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list, which is unique as only very few railway line makeup to this list. the route lies between Albula and Bernina line on the Rhaetian Railways offers a majestic view of the landscape both in the summer and winter months. This route covers up to 122 km and runs over 200 bridges over Graubünden mountains. This is truly a magically experience one can enjoy all year long.

St. Moritz

St. Moritz Switzerland

One of the worlds top the mountain, St. Moritz consists of crystal clear lakes, alpine forests, glaciers and snow-covered peaks. This town is divided into two parts: St. Moritz Dorf which overlooks the lake of St. Moritz. And St. Moritz bad which is a lakeside town and is less expensive and is a health resort. In winters, you can go for sports like bobsledding, skiing and snowboarding whereas in the summers one can opt for water sports like rafting and kayaking as well as hiking and glacier skiing.

Wine tasting

Wine Tasting

Vineyard exploration is also something you should not miss while in Switzerland.  Here you taste wine and enjoy the scenery of the vineyards at the same time around the spectacular view of Lake Geneva. Here you can get your hands on Switzerland’s finest local wine.  

FAQ: Best things to do in Switzerland

What should we do in Switzerland?

Ans: 12 Things to do here-
1. The Matterhorn
2. Chillon Castle
3. Sky dining
4. Swiss chocolates
5.Cable car rides
6. Chapel Bridge
7. The bear park
8. The Rhine Falls
9. Ruinaulta
10. The Bernina Railway line
11. St. Moritz
12. Wine tasting

What is the best month to go to Switzerland?

Ans: September is best month time to travel Switzerland.

What is so special about Swiss chocolates?

Ans: Swiss chocolate is the most creamy chocolate that you can find.

What is the largest waterfall in Switzerland?

Ans: The Rhine Falls is the Largest waterfall in Switzerland

What is Switzerland’s most famous mountain?

Ans: The Matterhorn is the most popular and iconic mountain.

What is the most popular drink in Switzerland?

Ans: Swiss beer is the most popular drink in Switzerland


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