Explore the beauty of Bali, Indonesia || Best Things to do in Bali

Explore the beauty of Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the island and province in Indonesia. This city has beautiful sites and full of different points of attraction for a huge number of tourists every year. Therefore, the main source of income for residents of this city is from tourism. The majority of people are Hindus that lived here. As the major income source of this city is tourism but agriculture is also its biggest employer. Many of the people are attached to the agriculture field. Some of the beautiful attraction points are :

Bali, Indonesia

Best Things in Bali

Bali is the main spot for tourist attraction in Indonesia. Due to its beauty, it is also known as the ‘Island of God’. The main spots that attract tourists are its beautiful beaches, amazing temples, gorgeous waterfalls, caves, and museums. It has so many beautiful spots that a person could not decide where should they go first and what spot they left. Below we have discussed the main spots of Bali, so if you visit this island you must explore these places.


Beaches of Bali

Here you will find many beaches like Pasih UUG beach, Blue Point beach, Lipah beach but Kuta beach is fantastic. If you like surfing then this is the best place for you. People love to watch sunset and sunrise at this beach.


Temple of Bali

There are amazing and gorgeous temples in Bali where huge numbers of victor visit every day, among all of them Ulun Danu Temple is amazing due to its beautiful structure. It is situated on the edge of Barata Lake. This building is dedicated to the goddess of the lake.

Diving in Padang:

Diving in Padang, Bali

If you are an adventure-loving person then Padang is the best place for you. Adventures like diving are most enjoyed in Padang. There are beautiful fishes to admire at the amazing site. There are seven different diving sites. Padang is located on the east part of Bali.

Yoga Barn:

Yoga barn in Bali

The one of the most yoga retreats on the Bali Island is yoga barn where people come and relax themselves. They also find enlightenment.

Ubud Culture:

Ubud Culture Bali

Ubud is full of amazing museums and art galleries that tell you the story about Bali. You can also buy art from there. So, if you are a travel enthusiast in exploring new cultures then Ubud will be a suitable place.

Monkey forest:

Monkey forest, Bali

Monkey forest is one of the most important and visited spots of this place. There are ancient temples and hundreds of monkey. So that it can make you happy by watching nature glimpse and take photographs of nature.

Fun at Ayung River:

Fun at Ayung River

Bali consists of much natural water spot. Tourist feels excitement to trip down in the Ayung River that is full of white rocks. Some people do not like this wild ride but most of exciting tourist love to take it.

Bali Safari:

Bali Safari Bali

Bali Safari is located in Gianyar Bil. There are about more than 60 different species of animals in the safari park.  These species also include endangered species. It is an adventurous and informative spot.66


Bali Waterfall

Watching the waterfall is awesome and enjoyable. There are about 24 gorgeous and stunning waterfalls. These waterfalls include Git Git waterfall, Niagara Falls of Bali and the most beautiful is Sekumpul waterfall. It is safe for tourist to swim in Bali waterfalls.


Bali cuisine

This place has not only beautiful spots but also have amazing foods. Nasi Goreng means fried rice should be the national food of Indonesia. The other delicious foods include Lawar, Bebek Betutu, Jimbaran seafood, Pepes and tum, Traditional cakes and desserts. These foods make your day amazing and good.

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Facts about Bali, Indonesia:

  1. Bali’s climate is warm and humid all year round, this is due to it is 8 degree towards the equator.
  2. It has only two seasons that is dry season and Rainy season.      
  3. In Bali Kopi Luwak rare coffee is commonly found that is world’s most expensive coffee.
  4. Here babies are not allowed to touch the ground and carried everywhere during their first three months.
  5. Also here, almost every home has two pets including dogs, cats, birds etc.
  6. Every year, the island fell to a complete silent, Business and even the airport are closed.
  7. There are white as well as black sand beaches in Bali.
  8. This place is mostly depending upon the tourist. Most of its income depends on them.
  9. Bali is well known for its rich culture and wonderful arts.
  10. The most interesting and unbeatable thing is to witness the swimming dolphins in Lovina.


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