How to become an Artificial Intelligence Developer? A step by step guide

How to become an Artificial Intelligence developer

Nowadays everyone is aware of Artificial Intelligence, Right. But do you know what exactly It is? and How it works? Your  Next question will be about How to become an Artificial Intelligence Developer? Hey, all-time learners don’t worry now we will help you by giving answers to all the questions.

Do you know which types of engineers are highly demand in 2022? well then i tell you that there are many roles which are highly in demand, The top list is DevOps engineer, Fullstack developer, Data scientist, Blockchain engineer and Artificial intelligence engineer. and today we will explore about Artificial Intelligence from zero level.

How to become an Artificial Intelligence Developer

To become an Artificial Intelligence developer, what is the requirement to fulfill the minimum criteria, Learn-e5 will tell you in this post. Before choosing AI as a career, ask yourself is it suitable for you? if yes then you have a great Future in AI. So before jumping to How to become an Artificial Intelligence developer? you must know what is Artificial Intelligence? So let’s get started.


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a computer system or machine which has the ability to work just like a human.
Nowadays many companies are using AI due to its extraordinary feature, for example, Self-driving car, Google, Robots companies etc. are using AI Technology. Do you know what are the types of AI? 

Types of Artificial Intelligence –

For a better understanding of AI, let’s categorize it into different types on the basis of capabilities.
There are also more types of AI on the basis of other factors but skipping for them now.

 1. Narrow Artificial Intelligence –

 It is the most commonly used AI and mainly focused on solving one problem. It is also known as weak AI. Examples of Narrow AI are Apple’s Siri, IBM’s Watson supercomputer, and many more. a self-driving car, Autosuggestion on an e-commerce website, Image recognition are also examples of Narrow AI.

2. Artificial super Intelligence –

 Artificial Super Intelligence is the best version of AI. Do you know super Intelligence can perform the task better than humans, yes it is true but it is the hypothetical concept of Artificial Intelligence. In reality, the development of such technology is changing the world.

3.  Strong Artificial Intelligence –

 Strong Artificial Intelligence is quite similar to human intelligence. They are used to replace human because it does all task done by a human.
Now You know about the terminology of Artificial Intelligence and its’s type. So the next question is about How to become an Artificial Intelligence developer?

How to become an Artificial Intelligence developer?

There are many articles about How to become an Artificial Intelligence ? and you can find them on the internet but here I will explain you in a very easy way and simple consecutive steps and so after reading this you can follow these steps –

1. Start learning a programming language 

When you want to make a career in the software field, programming is a very essential key to learn because it unlocks the multiple options for the job. If you are a beginner, must learn all fundamental concepts of programming language so the next question is which language to start as a beginner because there are many programming languages like c/c++/java/python/R, etc. Please don’t get confused if you want to make a career as an AI developer then you must start with Python. Everyone can learn python easily due to its simple syntax and large community. Python has all tools for Artificial intelligence. If you want to know why should learn python as a first programming language then we recommend you having a look at the Top 6 Reasons to Learn Python.
learn python

2. Learn calculus, statistics, and algebra 

If you have a good mathematics background then you have a great scope in AI because, in AI calculus, statistics and algebra are mostly used. but if you haven’t a mathematics background give time to learn and understand these topics deeply. Never skip learning these mathematics topics because mathematics plays important role in the AI journey.
AI Mathematics


3. Learn Algorithm 

The algorithm is a really important part to learn, In AI technology there are large numbers of programs required. So how can you implement a program on a computer? Yes, there is a solution. The algorithm is the best solution before doing a program on the computer because as we know Algorithm is a way to solve the problem step by step. 


4. Natural language processing 

NLP is a combination of computer science, information engineering, and linguistics. Examples of NLP are social media analysis, language translation, text analytics, etc. Natural Language processing helps a machine or computer to understand the language of a human being so that machines can easily communicate with humans.
Natural language processing


5. Neural Networks 

Neural Network is a software which works like the human brain. It has to perform several tasks by involving a large amount of data. Nowadays Neural networks are utilized for solving business problems, for example, customer research, sale, data validation, and risk management.
neural networks


6. Communication Skills 

Communication skills are required for AI. If you have good communication skills you can easily share your idea to stakeholder which leads you. Suppose if you make great AI products but haven’t good communication skills how would you describe products, so if you haven’t improved your communication skills.



7. Data analytics 

Are you good at calculating numbers? if yes then great and if not then nothing to worry about learn and practice can make you perfect in this field. But do you know why do we use the data analytics technique? there are many reasons for that –

>> It improved decision-making.

>> More effective Marketing method.

>> Provides better customer service.

Data analytics


8. Develop varieties of ideas and implement them 

This is really important for all who pursue AI as a career, once you learned AI tools explore yourself by generating ideas and convert into action. If you really want to succeed in Artificial Intelligence technology make productive AI products which work in the future

How to become an Artificial Intelligence Developer


FAQ: How to Become an Artificial Intelligence Developer

What skills do I need to get a job in artificial intelligence?

Ans: These are the skills required for getting a job in Artificial Intelligence-
1. Programming skills
2. Calculus, Algebra and Statistics
3. Algorithm
4. NLP (Natural Language processing)
5. Good communication skills
6. Data analytics
7. Logical Thinking abilities

What are the 3 types of artificial intelligence?

Ans: Here is list of 3 Types of Artificial Intelligence –
1. Narrow Artificial Intelligence
2. Artificial Super Intelligence
3. Strong Artificial Intelligence

What are the basics of artificial intelligence?

Ans: AI has many advance topics like NLP(Natural Language Processing), Data Mining, and Constraint programming, So before studying these advance topics you should Learn basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence that is Machine Learning, Neural network, and deep learning.

What are the main goals of AI?

Ans: The Main Aim of AI is to develop a robot or machine which has all ability to perform a human task such as decision making, Calculating numbers, Language translator, etc.

What is Artificial Intelligence Developer?

Ans: In most simple word, AI developers are the one who develop Artficial Intelligence Software and Applications.

So, these are the information all we need to update you. We hope you get a clear understanding of How to Become an Artificial Intelligence developer. If You want to ask anything, feel free to comment on it down below.


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