Amazing Health Benefits of Giloy – A great immunity booster for COVID-19

Amazing Health Benefits of Giloy – A great immunity booster for covid-19

Do you know what is Giloy? what are the Amazing Health Benefits of Giloy?  and how to use it? if no then don’t worry after reading this post you will definitely know about Giloy. It is Popularly known as Tinospora Cordifolia. It is an Ayurvedic herb which will boost your immunity system and protect yourself from many diseases.

Amazing Health Benefits of Giloy

Do you know why most people in India use Giloy now a day? because of the Amazing Health Benefits of Giloy.

What is Giloy?

Giloy is the worlds most strong and valuable ayurvedic herb. This herb is very beneficial for all age groups. Giloy is an Ayurvedic herb which helps to fight against various infection-virus and has the property of immunity booster. Giloy is also known as ‘Guduchi’ in other terms.
Giloy is commonly used in the manufacture of many herbal and ayurvedic medicines. The Giloy stem is very highly effective because it contents alkaloids and has high nutritions in it. Giloy can be consumed by anyone as it doesn’t have any side effects and can be taken in the form of juice or powder. It is considered that Giloy helps in increasing platelet counts in our body especially in the case of dengue when platelet decreases Giloys helps a lot to get recovered.  

Suppliments of Giloy – It contains copper,iron,phosphorus,zinc,magnesium,calcium,anti-oxidant,anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer e.t.c.

Health Benefits of Giloy –

1. Immunity booster –

 Regular consuming of Giloy is a great way for immunity boosting because it has anti-oxidant properties which keep you healthy and prevent you from diseases. Giloy helps to purify the blood, and fight against an infectious virus-like (now a day coronavirus is spreading rapidly) corona e.t.c and also balance sugar level.

2. Improves digestion System-

Many people are facing digestion problem due to their modern lifestyle, so how to get rid of poor digestion?  There are many ways to get rid of this problem but if you consume Giloy regularly then you will get a cure for poor digestion.

3. Get Rid of Chronic Fever –

Giloy is used for bringing down fever due to antipyretic activity. It can reduce the symptoms of a dangerous disease like malaria, dengue, swine flu. When people have a fever, most of them take paracetamol but it has some side effect right which is really bad for health, so instead of taking paracetamol to try Giloy juice(kadha) and believe me, it works without any side effects.

4. Minimize Stress and Anxiety –

Now a day many people are facing stress and anxiety due to their heavy workloads, So how to get cure of this? There are many ways to reduce stress but do you know consuming Giloy will really help you to reduce stress and anxiety.
Amazing Health Benefits of Giloy

5. Fights against Respiratory problem –

Giloy helps to reduce respiratory problem like cold and cough because it has anti-inflammatory property. Corona Virus has symptoms like cold, cough and breathing problem and these all problem can solve by using regularly of Giloy.

6. Manages Diabetes –

 Are you facing diabetes and issues of high blood sugar level? If yes then consume regularly Giloy because it helps to manage sugar level by assisting in the production of insulin. Giloy works as a hypoglycaemic agent which reduce the level of blood sugar.
Now you know about what is Giloy and  Amazing Health Benefits of Giloy, so next question is How to use Giloy? So Let’s get started with How to use Giloy?

How to use Giloy?

 Make kadha using Giloy –

>> Take one stem of Giloy length of 6 inch
>> break that stem into small parts
>> Take the water of 250 ml in a Tea pan.
>> Drop small parts of Giloy into water.
>> Boil the water with Giloy small parts.
>>  Filter the Kadha (Giloy Water).
Now Kadha is ready, Drink it when it is warm.
Special Tips: Giloy is bitter in taste, so many people stop consuming Giloy then try it with honey or Jaggery, the bitter taste will be very less.

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