What are the options for the students post completing their graduation in Australia?

Graduation in Australia

If you have done graduation in Australia, then This question must be coming to your mind that what to do next and where do you want to go from here. Are you looking for options after completion of graduation in Australia? then you are on the right track to get answers to these questions.


After completion of graduation in Australia, a student has to make the decision of what he or she has to do in the future. There are a lot of things that come to their minds whether to do further study or want to be employed. One of the most important things that should be checked after the completion of graduation i.e. to check out the visa whether it has validity or expired. So, students have to be aware of the options that can they do after completing their graduation in Australia. 

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Options after completing Graduation in Australia 

Study in Australia

1.   Completing further studies from Australia

Many students from different countries decide to stay in Australia for completing their further studies, acquiring the higher qualification, and gaining advanced knowledge and skills to get to make their strength to get a good job.

 Choosing the institution for your further

Students can choose the institution as per the course that they want to study. They can choose the current institution or they can different institution. If a student decided to continue studying in Australia, consider the following things-:

·        ~ Apply for a new Student Visa prior expiration.

·        ~ Enrol into the course and university that you want to study.

·        ~ Make the arrangement of expenses for living and studies.

·        ~ Extend your health cover i.e. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

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Visa to Australia

2.  Extending the visa to stay in Australia

If someone doesn’t want to do further studies, they can extend their Visa for work or travel but they will never receive a student visa again. There is a lot of options to get a temporary visa. You can apply for a temporary visa through the Department of Immigration and citizenship. Here are the following options -:

·        Gaining professional industry exposure and work experience

Newly graduates have to gain exposure to working in the industries. There is a complete Professional Year Program that is structured for professionals like Engineers, Accounting, etc. this is a 12 monthly program which is designed for developing industry-related skills and work experience. This program also allows students who want permanent residency in Australia. If the student completes the program it earns an extra five points to qualify for a skilled migrant visa.

·        Applying for a Travel visa

Many students after the completion of their graduation decide to take a break before returning home or start looking for a job. Australia is a country of tremendous beauty to explore for spending the break, a tourist visa or any other temporary visa will be good.

·        Applying For a working visa in Australia

If a student after completion of his or her graduation in Australia, if they want to stay for work, with the consent of the current employer to sponsor temporary or permanent through the Employer Nomination Scheme, the employee will be able to live and work as long as they work with the employer.

·        Applying for the temporary visa

If a Skilled graduate wants to gain work experience or want to improve communication skills. This is the best option to extend their stay. The temporary visa allows staying 18 months in Australia after completion of graduation in Australia.

·        Getting Working & Holiday visa

When someone wants to work and at the same time enjoy their holiday in Australia. There are a Work and Holiday for the people of age between 18 to 30. This visa allows you to stay for a period of 12 months. 

·        Returning back to the Home country

After completion of graduation, If you have no plans of studying, travelling, or working in Australia then you must return back to your Home country. You have to clear all the dues like rents, phone bills, electricity bills, etc, before leaving Australia.

Extending Visa

     3.  Applying for the permanent Residency

Once the students complete their graduation in Australia, they want to settle permanently in Australia. So they start grabbing the opportunity to work permanently to live in Australia. The permanent residency for international students can be obtained through the following methods-:

·        ~ Skill Select Migration Program

·        ~ Regional Sponsored Migration Program

·        ~ Employer Nomination Program

·        ~ Skilled Independent Program

permanent residancy australia

FAQ: What are the options after completing graduation in Australia?


Which master degree is most valuable in Australia?

Ans: List of Most valuable Post Graduation degree is –
1. Accountancy
2. Software Engineering
3. Biotechnology engineering
4. Agricultural Science
5. Master of Business Administration
6. Architecture

What are the options for students post completing their graduation in Australia your answer?

Ans: these are the best options for international students after completing graduation in Australia –
1. Completing further studies from Australia
2. Extending the visa to stay in Australia
3. Applying for the permanent Residency

How many years can we stay in Australia after graduation?

Ans: After completing Graduation in Australia, International students can stay for upto 18 months by applying temporary visa.

How can I stay in Australia forever?

Ans: Yes, you can live permanently in Australia by following these steps
1. Skill Select Migration Program
      2. Regional Sponsored Migration Program
     3. Employer Nomination Program
     4. Skilled Independent Program

What is the highest paid part time job in Australia?

Ans: These are high payment part time jobs in Australia –
1. Tourist Guide
2. Bartender
3. Driver
4. Secretary
5. Personal Trainer
6. Teacher
7. Nursing Assistant
8. Freelancer
9. Security Guard
10. Bank teller


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