Top 15 Best Places to Visit in India: Incredible India

Best Places to visit in India

It’s really hard to list the Top 15 Best Places to Visit in  India because there are so many beautiful places to visit in India but we made the top 15 list. 

India is a huge and diverse destination. It’s the seventh-largest country by area. The third-largest country in Asia. India is bordered by seven different countries, not mentioning the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, means that there are many different edges to the country. For we Indians, India is not just a piece of land but it’s our motherland. Whenever someone asks us about our nationality it makes us feel proud by saying “I’m from India”. India is a mixture of a variety of languages, cultures, religions, festivals, moral ethics. In India, each and every person respects the view of others.
Top 15 Best Places to Visit in India

To truly experience the depth of Indian culture and history, then the only key is travel. Here is the look and their description for the Top 15 best places to visit in India:

Best Places to Visit in India


Kashmir%252C India
Kashmir is one of the most amazing places in India, Kashmir is especially known for its enthralling beauty. We often called Kashmir as “Heaven on Earth”. Kashmir is too attractive because of its natural beauty like the lush meadows which is surrounded by thick forests of deodars and pines, the Picturesque lakes, the lush green gardens with many blossoms and the valleys or Himalayan peaks which are too attractive as they are covered with snow this all makes Kashmir more beautiful place on earth. There you can enjoy in Shikara boat ride which is found in the Dal lake. You can also soak in the Betaab and Aru valleys also you can go for a trek to Amarnath Ji. IN Kashmir you will find Gulmarg where you can experience the world greatest gondola rides. A trip to Kashmir will really touch your inner heart and soul.


Ladakh is one of the best places to visit in India in March. In northernmost India, the contested Kashmir area is the coastal destination of Ladakh. The area is big, but it’s a very low population density and a range of nomadic inhabitants. Spectacular, pristine scenery is an important attraction to the region, but nearly all travellers may also spend some time in the town of Leh. Ladakh is situated at a very high altitude. Buddhist culture is also notable in Leh, and you might want to explore a few of the numerous Buddhist monasteries and temples.  If you wish to explore more about these beautiful places then have a look at Ladakh- The land of High Peaks


Kerela, Houseboat

The southwestern country of India known as Kerela is a spot of tropical beauty. Palm trees, white sand beaches and eco-tourism are big reasons to explore the area. Apart from its famous backwater, elegant houseboats and temple festivals, Kerela is also home to the Thekkady Tiger preserve. Kochi which is known as the heart of Kerala, where you can experience the local fishing sector which is flourished along with colonial architecture. Kerala is also one of the best places to visit in southern India.


hawa mahal 441563 1920
Jaipur is also known as the pink city and is the capital of Rajasthan, where you can explore the beautiful Amber. Located just beyond the city and constructed in 1592, the Grandiose citadel was also a palace for quite a while but has become an impressive tourist attraction. Be certain that you bring a visit to the lavish city palace with its gorgeous courtyards and gardens, and also the incredibly intricate Palace of Winds (Hawa Mahal). Jaipur makes one corner of the brilliant triangle and it likewise delivers a fabulous door to the generally secret objective in Rajasthan. If you want to explore more about  Rajasthan then visit Best Places to visit in Rajasthan.


PicsArt 08 07 11.27.15
Agra is especially famous for the iconic and impressive wonders in the world i.e, the Taj Mahal. Place on the south shore of the Yamuna river, the Taj draws countless tourists for a couple of years. Taj Mahal is built by the known emperor Shah Jahan. The reason behind this iconic wonder is, this was built as a memory of Shah Jahan’s wife and it is often called a symbol of romance. Agra is a small adventurous city where you explore many different ancient forts also which was Mughal –era’s, the especially known fort there is Agra Fort. 


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If you decide to explore the northern part of India then Delhi is the best place to take a halt and enjoy the northern scenic. The huge sprawling destination is home to many districts, and it’s regarded as one of the oldest cities on the planet. One of the very best sights in Delhi is that the Red Fort, which was constructed in the 17th century. The Red Fort consists of sandstone, and you’ll have the ability to walk through its Lahore Gate, in the bazaar, throughout the stone palace and also into the former home of the sultan. In Delhi, you also need to make time to get many museums and spiritual structures which constitute the city.


PicsArt 08 08 12.25.51
A city that may look strange to a lot of westerners, Varanasi is of great religious significance. The sacred city sits on the banks of this celestial river Ganga and is considered by Hindus to be a sacred area to pilgrimage. If you are looking for the best places to visit in India in march then Varanasi is one of them.
The city is especially famous for its spiritual practices which happen on the ghats along with the river; pilgrims clean themselves at the water of the Ganga and the bodies of those Hindus are cremated. The joys of life and passing along the riverside could be shocking, but a trip to Varanasi can also be contemplative, and finally, helps people to further understand India’s profound culture and spirituality. 


City Palace by lake Pichola%252C Udaipur
Udaipur is a city known for beautiful lakes and It is bordered with the neighbouring state Rajasthan. The city is guarded by lush mountains and is where you’ll locate the mesmerizing Lake Palace at the centre of the tranquil river. Another attractive sight is that the imposing but graceful City Palace, together with the Monsoon Palace, which stands out with partitions made of glistening white marble. Explore aged temples, walk the winding roads of the fanciful corner of India, and slide into times past in its ancient bazaars.
If you want to explore more in Rajasthan then visit Best Places to visit in Rajasthan.


landscape 842792 1920
The scenic country is dotted with a multitude of scenic beauty, magnificent landscapes, the bliss of snowfall and agreeable weather and a number of other charms. Tucked away in the lap of Mother Nature, its own ambience is your remedy which could soothe your nerves using its pure atmosphere, woods covered valleys and snow-capped mountain peaks. Best regarded as the gateway into the North-Eastern corridor of India, Sikkim Tourism not only boasts of character miracles but also supplies you with an unlimited list of things to do and great places to see.


1024px MeghalayaMeghalaya is the abode of clouds and it’s one of the most gorgeous locations of North East India. It’s a perfect destination for travellers of various sorts. It’s a heaven for nature lovers in addition to for its explorers. Meghalaya is part of the Seven Sister States of India. It’s home to many famous tourist attractions comprises the Double Decker dwelling root bridges, the Nohsngithiang Falls, Umiam lake, Mullen National Park, Dawki, Dampa Tiger Reserve, and Elephant Falls. Being covered by lush green woods, the country has its own star attractions settled amidst the natural environment.



Great Rann of Kutch
A massive stretch of a white salt that’s submerged underwater for 4 weeks in a calendar year, the excellent Rann of Kutch in Gujarat is still an amazing place to see in India. With its astounding all-natural beauty, the planet’s one of the best salt desert is swarmed through an infinite number of tourists each year, particularly during the famous ‘Rann Utsav’  the snowy canvas becomes painted into various colours. Live folk music and dancing performances, camel safaris, a rustic remain along with a tasty Kutch cuisine creates this experience a memorable one for each visitor. Also don’t miss to enjoy a bonfire and observe a folk dance performance beneath the moonlit sky relishing about the yummy and hot home-made Kutch delicacies in the nighttimes.


Top 15 Best Places to Visit in India

Mysore is one of the most significant areas in the nation regarding historical reigns. It’s replete with all the background of its dazzling imperial heritage, intricate structure, its famous silk sarees, yoga, and sandalwood, to mention only a couple.  Situated in the foothills of the Chamundi Hills, Mysore is the third most populated city in Karnataka, and its own rich heritage attracts millions of tourists throughout the year. The highlight is that the royal Mysore Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which will be a must-visit place there. Mysore was one of those three biggest Princely States from the erstwhile British Empire of India. A very famous tourist place that sees thousands of people milling in and about it daily, the Mysore Palace is a mesmerizing illustration of Indo-Saracenic architecture.



Top 15 Best Places to Visit in India
About the western shore of India in Goa, a former colony of Portugal who blends Indian civilization with historic influences and tons of global tourism. Goa is famous largely due to its magnificent beaches. The Candolim Beach is so busy beach where travellers from all over the world gather to soak up the sunlight. Anjuna Beach, by contrast, is much less crowded. It’s also a wonderful place where you are able to walk into Chapora Fort and respect the sandy shore from a fresh perspective. Palolem is thought to be one of the most gorgeous beaches in all Goa with its normal bay surrounded by lofty headlands on both sides. If you are planning to visit Goa then this post will really help in finding the best sites to visit in Goa: Goa Tourism


Top 15 Best Places to Visit in India

The Punjabi city of Amritsar is determined by the border with Pakistan and is home to the majority of Sikh websites. The Golden temple is situated in the heart of Amritsar. This Sikh temple is like a heaven for all the devotees. It’s possible to see the Golden Temple no matter faith, however, you’ll have to demonstrate respect by covering your mind and removing your shoes. Make sure you pick up some conventional products, for example, hand-embroidered cloths and ornate shoes.


Top 15 Best Places to Visit in India
In Maharashtra, the city Aurangabad you can explore the caves of the two Ellora and Ajanta. In Ellora, there’s an enormous complex of shrines carved out of the rugged landscape.  All these 34 cave shrines are around 1,500 years old, and they’re from three different religions: Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. Two hours off is Ajanta, which will be home to 29 caves. The Ajanta caves are covered in murals and paintings, most of which reflect ancient tales. While both cave complexes are just two hours away from one another, it’s worth seeing the two to compare these extraordinary attractions.
So These are Top 15 best places to visit in India. If you want to explore more beautiful destination across the world which are nearest to India visit the Top 10 affordable countries to travel from India.

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