How to Become a Web Developer: Learn from scratch


In Today’s world, there are approximately 2 billion websites, so you can imagine how many numbers of websites exist and how it is possible. These websites are made by a web developer that is why web development is one of the most demanding skills always.

If you are a beginner or have no ideas on how to become a web developer then This is the ultimate guide on web development where you will learn from scratch, so without wasting time let’s go… 

How to Become a Web Developer



Everyone knows about websites right! but do you know what exactly a website is? A Website is a collection of web pages in which each page has a certain line of codes. Friends do you know, web development is the most demanding skill nowadays, and why this is demanding? You know the exact answer, yes it’s growing up due to the e-commerce sector because most of the people want to take their business online. Now It’s time to know What or Who is Web developer?

What is Web developer?

In very simple, A Web developer develops a website by writing a large number of codes. They have expertise in various languages like HTML, CSS, JS, etc. They have good knowledge of UI/UX design and Some featured Frameworks like bootstrap.

What are the types of Web developer?

Most of the people ask that “what does a web developer do”? There is no simple answer. As mentioned above, there are a few different types of web developers. They all play different roles to build a website.

If anyone wants to understand what is a web developer, it is really important to know what are the main types of web developer? There are three main types of web developer – 

1. Front-end developer –

In front-end development, the developer’s main job is to design a website and write the necessary code to implement it on the web. Front-end developer has the expertise of these three languages – HTML, CSS, JS. They are mainly responsible for client-side programming. 

2. Back-end developer – 

The back-end developer is mainly responsible for server-side programming. Those who want to make a career in Back-end must learn any of these server-side languages such as Python, Ruby, PHP, and Java. They manage and create a database (where data is stored) by using several tools such as Mysql, MongoDB, Oracle and SQL server.

3. Full-stack developer –

Full-stack web developer has knowledge of both client-side programming as well as server-side programming. To become a full-stack developer, you have to keep patience to learn all required language or tools of front-end development as well as back-end development. If you want to pursue as a career in Full-stack web development, then you must have a dedication and passion which will give you success.

Now, you know about what is a web developer and what are the types of a web developer, so let’s move to next important question that is ” How to become a Web developer? “.

How to become a Web developer in 2021?

Becoming a Web developer is a good strategy for people who are really passionate about technology.
If you are pursuing web development as a career, you have to learn the required skills that are Programming, designing, and marketing.

1. Start learning to program –

Learn the basics and functionality of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JS etc.
The Full form of HTML is Hypertext markup language. Html describes the structure of web pages.
The latest version of HTML is html5. In HTML there are 2 things which are mostly used – one is Tag and another is Attributes. Now the next question is what is Attributes and Tag? 
Tag – 
Tags are used to mark the beginning of the HTML element and they are usually enclosed in angle brackets. They are enclosed with angle brackets. Let’s understand easily with a simple example –
The tag must start with <body>   and closed with </body>, Here you can use any tag in place of the body, It is just one example of the tag.
Attributes –
Attributes are used for adding an additional feature to any elements. Attributes are always specified at the beginning of the tag. Let’s clarify all doubt with one simple example –
<p style = “background:#fff”> Subscribe Learn-e5 </p> ,so here you can see that style is additional features which is a HTML attributes.
Note: Command on these 2 important properties because you will always use these 2 properties from Html.
How to Become a Web Developer
The full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. If you ask me about CSS, I tell you that It is chocolaty part of web development because CSS play a major role to create a beautiful website. The main purpose of adding CSS code is to design a website. It saves a lot of time because once you write code for CSS, can use in multiple web pages and multiple elements.
How to Become a Web Developer
JS –
JS stands for Javascript, and it is the most popular programming language. Javascript is also known as a web programming language. But do you know why we use JS for web development? Don’t worry friend we will explain to you in a very simple way. The main purpose of  JS is to show How a website behaves. you can write JS code between script tag : <script> </script>. Let’s understand with a practical example – suppose there is a submit button in the web page and when you click on it, you have shown one popup message like form submitted, but how it works exactly? It works due to the code of JS.
<button type=”submit” onclick=”alert(“submitted”)”> Submit </button>
Here button is a tag and onclick is an attribute, So when you click on this button it will show a pop box.



2. Learn UI/UX design –

UI stands for User Interface and UX stands for User experienced and both are related to each other.
UI is really important for all website because UI describes how a website looks, what are the fonts using on the website. Do you know why people are getting involved in any website, It’s only possible due to UI design. If the UI design is user friendly, then people like to join the website. UX is a user experience design in which the user easily interact with the website. 



3. Learn some Frameworks – 

The framework is a type of software which is used for developing applications. do you know why we use frameworks? It saves time because some piece of code is available in the framework but before learning frameworks, you must learn these languages HTML, CSS, JS, Python. There are so many frameworks available for web development but most popular frameworks are Bootstrap, Reactjs, Nodejs, Django. So according to your needs choose any frameworks

4. Apply for Job/internship –

After learning website development tools, you can apply for a Job or Internship. Companies give daily assignments or project and Working as an Intern is a great opportunity to learn about more updated tools and software. So where should you apply for an internship, Currently there are many options for you. Have a look at the top platforms to apply for intern –
 1. Linkedin
 2. Internshala
 3. Google Jobs
Where to learn web development?
 You can learn from top e-learning platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Udacity where you will get quality courses for web development and you can also learn from youtube or join any Tech institute for offline courses.

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