Digital Marketing: A New strategy to become a digital marketer

A New strategy to become a digital marketer

Currently, we are living in a digital world, so it’s not like an old-time that you can do marketing offline and expecting to get massive customers.  Approximately 60% of the world’s population is using the internet so if you want to target maximum numbers of customers then digital marketing is the best approach for you.

Becoming a digital marketer is a challenging task for one who has no experience in this field, are you looking for a complete guide on digital marketing then this article will help you to know it in depth.

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a way for online marketing, which is one of the fastest-growing things these days. Do you know why? Everyone has the answer to this question, Yes This marketing is rapidly growing nowadays due to the booming of the internet. Now the question strikes in mind that, what are the types of digital marketing?

Types of digital marketing –

1. SEO –

SEO is also known as search engine optimization. SEO helps the websites to rank their articles on search engines like google, yahoo, bing. So that maximum people reach to the website. SEO is the most important types of digital marketing because It gives a large number of organic traffic on the website. Without using SEO, you can’t rank your website, so people are unable to find your website on the Internet.

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The social media platform is a great strategy for targeting the maximum number of audience/customer/user. Do you know the numbers of users in social media till now? It’s nearly 3.5 billion, so imagine how social media will help your business to grow up. But the question strikes in mind that, How to do the effective use of social media? so that it will create impression on a customer. We will explain an easy way to do social marketing effectively –

1. Be active on social media and post new content every day.

2. Increase followers on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter e.t.c by inviting friends.

3. Make a brand logo or image which can target maximum customer, but the logo should be unique.

4. Generating a sharing link that can be used to share your contents, products or services directly to the people you want to share.

social media marketing



Content Marketing is vastly used in digital marketing. Content marketing is a type of marketing done to endorse any content, product or services. Organic traffic will come only when you have valuable and quality content on your website, so try to make valuable content instead of useless products or contents. Contents should be uploaded daily to target maximum customers. Contents Marketing requires more efforts and persistence. 

contents marketing



Affiliate Marketing is a type of digital marketing in which people promotes their company by the help of websites and blogs and for promotion, the website charges some money. Websites and blogs are the best sources of earning money from Affiliate Marketing. It will work only if these three types of people must be involved –

1. Sellers – Who sell products 

2. Advertiser – One who advertise any products 

3. Consumers – one who consumes or interested in buying in products or services.

affiliate marketing



Email Marketing is sending of Email for marketing or promoting a product or some service. As compared to other digital marketing, Email Marketing is inexpensive for advertisement. Email Marketing has an advantage that the company can remain in direct contact with its customers and develop a good relationship with the clients. Email marketing is one of the best ways of generating the Highest ROI (Rate of Interest) than any other types of digital marketing.

email marketing



Radio and TV target maximum audience, As we all know that Radio and TV are available in the city as well as in the village. Television and Radio advertisement can reach to everyone even illiterate people. TV advertisement is really effective for interacting with the maximum audience due to the availability of video and audio effects but it is expensive.

Radio and TV Advertisement

7. PPC (pay per click) –

Pay Per Click is abbreviated as PPC. PPC is a type of digital marketing where an advertiser pays a fee when a customer clicks on one of their ads. In Simple words, PPC is a technique to buy the visitors on the website. If you want our website at the top of the search engine (Google, Bing, yahoo etc) then PPC will work but you will have to pay for PPC. Most people ask which type of digital marketing takes less effort? Yes, Only PPC takes less effort to grow any company. One of the best examples of PPC is google ads.


Why we need Digital Marketing?

>>  It’s one of the best technique to make your products viral on the Internet.

>>  It is significantly less expensive than any other marketing or advertisement.

>> It helps you to compete with a large company or a brand.

>> This is one of the best ways to target the customers who are really interested in buying your products.

>> This Marketing helps the companies in developing a good relationship and trust with their customers.


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