AICTE: Maths, Physics not compulsory for engineering

AICTE: Maths, Physics not compulsory for engineering

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) for 2021-22 has issued new norms according to which high school students don’t need to study Physics and Maths to enter an engineering college.

Stating the multi-disciplinary concept of the new education policy as the need for these changes in the policy of AICTE’s Council Chairperson Anil Sahasrabudhe defended these ginormous changes. This statement came out after these norms are getting too much attention and reactions online.

This came after chemistry has already been removed as a compulsory subject in the year 2010 in case a student opts for engineering into programmes like B.E. and B.TECH. The students of higher secondary education who have chosen physics & maths are eligible to apply for BE/B.Tech programs. Now, students only need to score a mere 45% in any of the three subjects out of fourteen to be qualified and 40% for the reserved category. These subjects include Physics, Mathematics, electronics, information technology, biochemistry, graphics, computer science, chemistry, biotechnology, biology, Agriculture, business studies sand entrepreneurship and technical vocational subjects.

AICTE: Maths, Physics not compulsory for engineering

AICTE’s handbook states that all the universities will provide required courses to the students who come from different educational backgrounds to opt for engineering programmes. 

Dr Sahasrabudhe told the media that the new reforms are about breaking boundaries and promoting a diverse educational system which is about acknowledging 240 new subjects and all have different needs. He pointed out that a student should study more relevant subjects and not be forced to study mandatory subjects along with it.

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Dr Sahasrabudhe also agreed about the fact that Mathematics and physics are the foundation of engineering programmes but it does not mean that a student can’t bridge the gap between his educational background and aspirations. Students with a diploma have been given entry in the second year for the past many years.

The new academic session of the year 2021 – 22 will witness these new amendments taking the course of action. In this session, students will be given free entry and exit in various courses and if a student leaves a course midway then he or she will be given skill certificates based on which level, of course, they have cleared. These changes have gained their own fair share of criticism as many students and teachers are adamant that Physics and Mathematics are absolutely necessary for engineering. Many experts have advised AICTE  to rethink their decision as many upcoming courses like artificial intelligence and data science really require a Physics and Mathematics background. Apart from that, this topic is very trending in the meme market as everyone is clueless about how the future of engineering will be.


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