Top 10 affordable Countries to Travel from India After COVID- 19

Best places to travel after Covid-19

In this post, we will guide you about the Top 10  affordable Countries to Travel from India After COVID- 19 quarantine. As we all are getting bored in our quarantine days, So, why don’t you all plan to spend some holiday in the best places in the world. If I am not wrong, I think you all are planning for this day after this quarantine days over. So, without wasting much time in all this, let’s have look at the Top 10 affordable Countries to Travel from India After COVID- 19 quarantine. So, here we go…

Top 10 affordable Countries to Travel from India After COVID- 19

Here are the Top 10 Best Places in the country to Travel from India after COVID-19:-

Top 10 Affordable countries to travel from India


Top 10 affordable Countries to Travel from India After COVID- 19
Nepal is a gorgeous country, every traveller explores something new and unique from this country. Nepal also offers you cheap accommodation options so that you can stay there at a very less price of money. Nepal also has many temples and monasteries and in this many of them offers free entry to the tourists and are great to explore. You don’t require any visa to visit this country but yes for some security purpose sometimes they might ask for your passport so try to carry your passport while travelling to this country.


Top 10 affordable Countries to Travel from India After COVID- 19
You will find Bhutan as a clam and peaceful place from any other country. Bhutan is a serene location to travel. And If you are an Indian and want to visit Bhutan then there is an added advantage for you all that for Indians, you don’t need to have a visa to enter this country. Also, the Indian rupee is readily accepted in most parts of Bhutan.  


Myanmar is a too engaging country. There you will find so many monuments and temples where you can easily visit and also the cost of things are very reasonable. You can simply enter this country because you get visa on arrival option in this country. There is a beautiful small town place name Tamu you can also visit them without any visa. And the major thing, always remembers when you travel by road, then don’t forget to bargain with Tak-Tak’s drivers for the reduced price to roam around the city.


As we all know Vietnam’s local currency is very less as per the Indian currency so, here any Indian traveller can explore many places very easily. In Vietnam also every city shopping markets have a great bargain. When you visit Vietnam don’t forget to visit the market which is in Hanoi, known Dong Xuan Market and also the Street Market, these are the favourite places for any tourist who visit there. If you have an Indian passport then you get an advantage of visa on arrival option with this country but for getting a visa you need an online approval letter.


Top 10 affordable Countries to Travel from India After COVID- 19
Laos attracts the tourists by its beautiful landscape scenic views. Laos is a low cost and an affordable destination to travel. In Laos you will get several homestay and hostel, these are the easy options available to get accommodation at a very affordable price. Travelling around Laos is also very easy, there you get cheap bike rental options also so that you can easily explore the city. In this country also you get a visa on arrival option and with the help of this option you can easily enter the country and start exploring.


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island nation of Aisa which is covered with great beaches, mountains and scenic landscape that attracts tourists to visit this country. Also, the Sri Lanka currency rate is low so that you easily shop there at a reasonable cost and also there some of the shopping complexes offer you low-cost things. There are many beautiful tourist spots you can explore their like Adam’s Peak, Galle Fort and Viharamahadevi Park these are the places with free entries. For Indians to visit this country, you need to apply for an online visa for Sri Lanka.


The Philippines is so beautiful country and it has so many things to explore. There you see a lot of Islands and it looks like or it can be a new discovery for anyone. The most popular places in the Philippines to explore are Islands of Taliban, Cebu, El Nido, Siargao and many more. Manila is a very hustling and bustling modern city in the Philippines. Philippines people’s are very welcoming in nature and also the speaking language is English So, its a good place to visit for anyone. It gives you both required or on arrival visa options. 


Thailand is a place for all kinds of people. If you are a beach monk then you love the place. Also if you love to do lots of parties or you are a history lover then this place is for you, you will surely love Thailand. Thailand gives you a lot of option if you are a food lover then there you will definitely get varieties of tastes in the Street Foods. Thailand has many things to explore. Thailand is easily accessible from India. The hostel and accommodation cost in Thailand is also very low. In this country, you also get the visa in arrival option.
If you are planning to visit Thailand then you must read Travel Thailand best places to explore in Thailand


Indonesia is a beautiful place to visit. There you will see an energetic culture with many beautiful and lovely islands also you will find seashores. Indonesia is very low cost and reasonable tourist place, the very good part is that there you will get good bargain deals in accommodations and also while shopping. You can easily stay by spending very less amount of money. And the significant part of Indonesia is if you stay there for only 30 days then you don’t even require a visa also, it’s the best part to visit this country.


Singapore is a very developed country and there you will find the peoples are to busy and with much rush. It’s a metropolitan city and it attracts tourist with their beauty and cleanness found in the city. But In this list, Singapore is no so cheap country but you can easily explore this country at a reasonable price if you take the public transports to travel the city and also you will get accommodation at an affordable price if you choose according to you budget. To visit Singapore Indian people must have the passports and also they ave applied for an online visa option for this country which offers them to stay there for 30 days and the visa also have the validation of 2 years.

So finally we have given you a list of  Top 10 affordable Countries to Travel from India. Hope this will help you a lot to choose your holiday destination after the quarantine. If you are planning to travel to beautiful places in India then we recommend you have a look at the Top 15 best places to visit in India.

So These are the information all we need to update you. We hope You get a better idea about the  Top 10 affordable Countries to Travel from India After COVID- 19. If You Want to Ask any question related to this post, please feel free to comment it down below. 


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