What is CyberSecurity ? | Need for CyberSecurity

What is Cybersecurity

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In this post, we are going to tell you about What is Cybersecurity? | Need for Cybersecurity and what are the categories of Cybersecurity? so without wasting any time let’s go.

What is Cybersecurity ?


Cybersecurity is the most demanding skills in the 21st century. do you know why? It’s demanding due to the booming of the internet. Everyone is using the internet but Cyber Crime is also increasing nowadays, so that’s why we need Cybersecurity. If you want to learn more  demanding skills, We recommend you have a look at  – Top Trending Technologies of 21st century.

Cybersecurity consists of two words cyber and security, Where cyber refers to Internet and security means protection. Cybersecurity is the protection of internet connection systems like hardware, software and data from attackers or cyber criminal’s. cybersecurity is also known as Information Technology security. 

What are the categories of Cybersecurity?

Application Security : 

application security

Application protection is the way of making apps more secure by finding, fixing, and enhancing the security of apps.  The main aim of application security is keeping security, software and devices free of dangers. A compromised application can provide access to data designed for security. The design tape starts successful security before a program or device is deployed.

Examples of application security are Anti-virus, firewalls etc

Network Security : 

network security

Network security is used for securing a computer network from attackers or hackers. It has three controls – 1. physical network, 2. technical network, 3. Administrative network.

Physical network security is created for protecting from unauthorized personnel from gaining physical access to network components like routers, cabling.                                                    Technical network security is used to protect data which is stored on the network.   Administrative network security is used to control user behaviour. It also How to authenticate users, their level of access and how IT professionals implement infrastructure changes.

An example of Network Security is Two-factor authentication Password.

Operational Security :

operational security

Operational security is also called as procedural security. It is a risk managing process which encourages managers to operate from the point of view of adverse conditions to protect sensitive information from the wrong hand. 

An Example of operational Security is Data Encryption which means encrypting all data in storage and transfer to all devices.

Information Security :

information security

If an organization has data or information that we want no other person to see, who is not associated with the organization, then we need information security.

The main purpose of Information Security is to secure information from unauthorized person or attackers.  

Example of Information Security is Extensive virus

Disaster Recovery :

What is Cybersecurity?

Disaster recovery (DR) is used to protect an organisation from the effects of significant negative events. Let’s understand with a simple example – Just as an earthquake, a tsunami is a natural disaster, similarly, in cloud computing, there is a natural disaster. Suppose you are using any social media or any website, suddenly you are disconnected. So what is the reason behind It? It happens due to network issue, damage of machine or computer or electronic devices, Yes this is called a disaster of cloud computing. 

Now you know about What is Cyber Security? and what are categories of cybersecurity? so let’s move to the next section – need of cybersecurity 

Need for Cybersecurity –

Why do we need Cybersecurity?

Nowadays, you all are getting aware of Internet fraud or cybercrime.

1. Cyber Security is really important because It protects data from attackers or cyber criminal’s. 

2. To stop the cybercriminal activities like hacking, cracking and stealing data. 

3. Many leaders or expertise say In the next world war Countries will not use gun and weapons but use only cybercrime.

4. Big organisation or company has large data so there is maximum chance that attackers or hackers want to steal data from that organisation but with the help of cybersecurity, Organisation can avoid such types of difficulties like cyber attacks.

5. Currently, everything is online like e-commerce, school fees, net-banking etc.., You all know about online Transactions right. Where you purchase products by paying online, It is done by UPI, Paypal, Google pay and much more software so there is a high rate of cyber attackers. So with the help of cyber Security It is easy to handle.

So We have finally discussed What is Cybersecurity? , What are the categories of Cybersecurity? the need for Cybersecurity

So These are the information all we need to update you. We hope You get a clear Understanding about Cybersecurity in this Article. If You Want to Ask anything, Feel free to comment it down below. 


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