The Best 5 Dry Fruits and their Benefits

The Best 5 Dry Fruits

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In this post, we will share some great information about The Best 5 Dry Fruits and their Benefits. So let’s know about these dry fruits and their health benefits if take them in our daily life.

The best 5 dry fruits and their Benefits
Dry Fruits are dried from fresh fruits by the sun drying or dehydrating methods. During drying the nutrients of the dry fruits, it becomes more concentrated & also changes the texture or look of the fruits. Dry fruits are a good source of energy and fibre and also a good source of all essential nutrients. So, dry fruits also have a lot of health benefits, let’s have a look at the best 5 Dry Fruits and their benefits.

What are the Best 5 dry fruits to stay healthy life?


The best 5 dry fruits and their Benefits
Almonds are rich in protein, fibre, minerals and also with many types of vitamin. Almonds can be taken in many ways, you can take almonds with milk or with any kind of food ingredients. There are many benefits of eating almonds, let’s know about the benefits of almonds:
1.The powerhouse of nutrients, as almonds contain with a monounsaturated fatty acid, Polyunsaturated fatty acid and dietary fibres.
2. Beneficial for people with diabetes
3. Help in reducing blood pressure
4. Relieve Constipation
5. Rich in Vitamin E


Cashews are very healthy for our body, eat just 4-5 cashews a day it will give amazing health benefits. Did you ever recognize the shape of cashew nuts? They are mostly sweet in taste and children to love to eat them as well. Cashews are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are healthy for the normal function of the body. It has many health benefits a few of which are:
1. Prevents Cancer
2. Helps in Weight Loss
3. Important for healthy bones and teeth
4. Helps in growth, development and digestion
5. Very healthy for the heart as they contain no fat when compared to other nuts and they are also cholesterol-free.


Walnuts have a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Walnuts are a nutritional powerhouse and are rich with heart-healthy fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals.  Walnut with their buttery flavour provide the perfect crunch for any topping or crusts. Walnuts have many health benefits let’s have a look:
1. Good for brain health, omega-3 present in walnut helps nervous system working smoothly and improves memory.
2. Provides better sleep & relieve stress
3. Good for the digestive system, as they rich in fibre
4. Good for the heart as they reduce the bad cholesterol of the body
5. Delays skin Ageing 


Dates are high in natural so many people think that they may not be good for them however these sweet fruits are rich with plenty of nutrients which makes them a great healthy ingredient. Dates contain several vitamins and minerals in addition to fibre and antioxidants. However, they are also high in calories since they are dried fruit and additionally dates contain Vitamin A and Vitamin K. Dates are also high in fibre. Scientists also confirmed that this is the worlds no.1 food for heart attack, hypertension stoke and cholesterol. It also have many benefits let’s have a look at that:
1. Prevent Night Blindness
2. Promote Heart Health
3. Boosts Energy
4. Prevents Abdominal Cancer
5.  Treats with Diarrhoea

Pistachios (Pista)

Pistachio is a great source for good health not only for helping your body to keep in shape but also for its contribution to the functioning and behaviour of the body. It is derived from from the seed of the pistacia tree. Pistachio is a type of nut which can be easily consumed all year long. It somehow tastes like a little salty. It has many health benefits, let’s have a look at some of the benefits:
1. These nuts improve digestion
2. It is very effective in reducing bad cholesterol.
3. It also helps in eliminating dryness from the skin
4. Pistachios have a high copper content, which helps in the higher absorption of iron into the body from food sources. This can help combat conditions like anaemia.
5. It is a healthy diet which lowers the risk of heart diseases.

So finally we have shared some good information about The Best 5 Dry Fruits. Hope this will help you a lot to keep yourself healthy and fit.

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