YOGA Poses for beginners: Basic yoga asana with benefits

YOGA Poses For Beginners

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In this post, we will guide you about Yoga Asana especially for the beginners and also we will guide how to do the Asana in a correct position and posture with their Benefits.

In today’s generation due to the busy lifestyle, many of us are unable to perform the workout on a daily basis. And because of this, we face many health problems. In this blog, we will tell you about some basic yoga asana with benefits which can be easily performed by anyone and you can also add this yoga asana in daily life to stay fit. Let’s see the first asana.


To perform this asana you have to sit on the floor with your legs stretched out, bend your right knee and place it on the left thigh. Now Repeat exactly the same with your left leg. By making this postures soles of the feet point should be upward and the bottom part of leg should be closed to stomach. Put both  hand’s finger on your knees and close your eyes and relaxe the mind.

Benefits of performing this Yoga:

~ Relaxes your brain.

~ Enhances digestion

~ aids enhance posture


Sit in the position of Vajrasana. Stand with support of your knees and try to take your hand close to the thighs. Stretch up your arms lean backwards and slowly try to reach your heels with your hands. Push forward and bend your backbone as much as you can. Stay in this position as long as you can according to your comfort. Now slowly come to the initial position by releasing your hands. It’s important that this asana is followed by so-called asana named as Shashankasana. 
Benefits of performing this Yoga:
~ It helps in open up your chest and also the front portion of the body
~ Aids Conquer Menstrual Vexation   
~ This asana also helps in strengthening of shoulder and back.


Sit in position in which you have to stretch out your legs outside. Now Bend your left leg and try to place your foot near your hips. Again do the same with your right leg and in this bring your right leg behind the left leg knee. Gently put your arm across the appropriate knee tightens your chest setting your hands near the thigh. Look in the direction of the right shoulder. Wait in this posture for a couple of seconds.  Reverse the move to emerge from this position and also repeat the same in the other direction with the other leg.
ardha matsyedrasana
Benefits of performing this Yoga:
~ It is Also Helpful to Open The Chest & Boost The Give Of Allergic Into Your Lungs.
~ The Asana Can Help to Ease Tension & Pressure That’s Trapped From the Rear.
~ This Asana Also Will Help Cure Urinary Tract Infections & Good for Allergic diseases. 


To recite, spread a yoga mate and sit with both your legs straight in front of you or sit in Dandasana. Keep your spine straight and keep both your hands on the ground. Now raise both your legs upright. If you have difficulty in balancing while lifting and you are unable to maintain balance, then keep both your legs close together and bend from here to your knees. Hold the thighs with both your hands and support the legs. Now straighten your two legs slowly upwards. Keep both your hands straight ahead of you and keep your reed bone straight. In this position, only your hips will remain on the ground and the whole body will be lifted up.
Maintain balance on your hips. In this position, there will be a 45-degree angle at the waist between your legs and upper body. You should stop for at least 10 to 20 seconds at the beginning of Navasana, then increase this time with practice. Now to get back to your initial position, bring your feet down and bring your hands down as well.
Benefits of performing this Yoga:
~ Style The Leg & Arms Muscle Groups
~ This Asana Stabilizes You Also Makes It Possible to Emphasis Greater
~ It Can Help You Activate Your Prostate Glands, Kidneys, Intestines, & Gamble. 


Stand directly, flex your left leg and put on the right thigh.  Inhale and lift your arms upward, join your hands with each other.  Stay in this position for 10 minutes and with exhale just go back to standing position and bring down hands.  Now repeat exactly with the right leg.
Benefits of performing this Yoga:

~ Strengthens Backbone & Increases Equilibrium 

~ Aids Neuro-muscular Co-Ordination 

~ It alleviates those Afflicted by sciatica & Decreases horizontal foot  


Bend in your own tummy palms into both sides of one’s own shoulder.  Slowly increase your mind and then straighten the wrists.  The arms might or might well not be direct.  Contain the posture for a few moments.  Gently launch the top spine by pulling the arms, slowly release your back and bring your arms, lower the chest, shoulders and the forehead into the ground. 
Benefits of performing this Yoga:
~ Reduces chances of asthma.
~ Reduce Fatigue & Anxiety 
~ It May Help Curb Metabolic Rate, Hence Holding The Body Weight


Come into a floor onto your knees and hands.  Inhale although lifting the mind and also repressing the back therefore your spine becomes tighter.  Exhale through trimming your mind extending upwards the backbone and yanking your buttocks.  The palms ought to be in accord using all the knees the wrists and arms must be vertical to the ground. The knees could possibly be marginally split therefore they are well dressed beneath the buttocks. Repeat this for 10 seconds.
Benefits of performing this Yoga:
~ Strengthens & Provides Versatility To Your Backbone. 
~ Enhances the Growing Of The Blood & Oxygen On the Physique.
~ Will Help Tone Your Own Abdomen Even Though Finding rid of Allergic Pockets of Extra Fat, Gradually. 


Lie on your head. Together with your arms to get aid to inhale and then lift legs slowly and gradually roll up the buttocks and back onto to the floor lifting the back to some vertical posture The elbows need to really be around shoulder-width aside.  Lightly push on the torso forwards, therefore, it pressed firmly from your brow.  Publish your palms and put your arms onto to the ground together with your system using the palms. Slowly and gradually lower your chest, the buttocks, and also the thighs.  Flake out in Shavasana.  
Benefits of performing this Yoga:
~ It Can Help calms Your Mind Cures Gentle Anxiety, & Allergic Pressure
~ Digestion has been enhanced, and Metabolic Process has been controlled 
~ This asana will help treat Candida. Asthma, along with infertility


Flex your back with feet together and palms under your buttocks.  Inhaling arch up your torso and break your own crown onto a lawn. Wait in the position for approximately 10 minutes.
Benefits of performing this Yoga:
~ Nutrient Absorption Becomes easy.
~ It Relieves Kidney Issues since It arouses the Ideal Variety of Breathing.  
~ Additionally, it Stretches the Chest & Neck Spots & Releases Pressure from the Shoulders & Neck.   


Bend on your back with your legs directly.  Twist your thighs and then attract your knees near your torso area.  Wrap your arms around your thighs and then attract them as close as feasible.  Bend your throat and attempt to contact your knees into an own forehead.  Take care of the position to get a couple of seconds.  Bring off your mind and throat to the ground and then discharge arms out of your knees.  Straighten your legs and then come back to the beginning posture.
Benefits of performing this Yoga:
~ It exfoliates the Ab Muscle Tissue & Therapeutic Massage that the Intestines & Body Organs of this Digestive Tract. Hence Re-leasing Trapped Gases & Better your Digestion.
~ It Eases that the Strain at the Back.
~ It Can Help Get Rid of Fat from the Thighs, Buttocks and abdominal place also. 


Asleep on your back and also in your feet. Put your arms together with the human system along with your palms. Together with your arms to get support to inhale and lift legs straight and together. Scrub your thighs at an arch above your mind until your feet touch the ground. Hurry and also hold the closing present for provided that its own comfort. Exhaling decrease your thighs and then return once again to the beginning posture.
Benefits of performing this Yoga:
~ It’s a Superior Asana For Diabetics Since it Normalizes the Blood Glucose Degrees.
~ It Can Help Minimize the Signs of Infection & Stimulates The Reproductive Method.
~ It Allergic to Fat Burning Capacity & aids in Weight-loss 


Asleep on your back and place your arms away from your body and the palms extended skyward. Close your eyes. The distance between both feet should be 1 foot. Be sure that your head and back should be in a straight position. Let your body loose and take slow and deep breaths. Stay in this postures for 5-10 minutes.
Benefits of performing this Yoga:

~ Reduce Blood pressure Along With Stress. 

~ Enhances Performance And Performance. 

~ Relaxes and calms your entire body.

So, these are the information all we need to update you. We hope you get a clear understanding of the above mentioned Basic Yoga Asana from this Article. If you have any questions related to this post, please feel free to comment it down below.

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