15 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas in Lockdown

father's day gift ideas in lockdown

The world celebrates Father’s day on the 20th of June to honour and celebrate fatherhood and the paternal bond. To honour the teachings, support, guidance, and unconditional love that they shower upon us. If you really want to make their day even more special, consider these 15 best Father’s day gift ideas in lockdown. This will definitely bring a big smile to his face. Let’s get started.

Father’s Day Gift ideas in Lockdown

Happy Fathers Day

Armchair / Long Rocking Chair

Armchair / Long Rocking Chair fathers day

Just the kind of relaxation that a dad looks forward to after a long hard day. He will definitely want to unwind and chill in this armchair as this is very comfortable, supports the back, neck, and one can even stretch out completely whilst relaxing. The long rocking chair is another good option as the rocking effect gives you a higher sense of relaxation, even helps catch a nap. Aah, one can feel relaxed just looking at the chair. No judgement if you get tempted to call the chair for yourself during the day.

Suitcase / Big Trunk

Suitcase / Big Trunk fathers day

Another cool gifting option is an old-school metal trunk or suitcase to hold all his favourite things. Items that refresh memories, maybe some of his documents, your childhood photos, or just a few of his important collectables. This can be personalized using his name or pictures of his hobbies and family. The metal body and latches are worth the old world charm.

Plant with a Personalized Planter

Plant with a Personalized Planter fathers day gift

Fathers care so much about the environment. If he is somebody who feels very connected or close to nature you should definitely gift him a beautiful plant. You can choose from a variety of indoor, outdoor, and Bonsai plants. You can also choose a personalized planter to keep those precious blooms in style.


Books fathers day gift

Books are such an underrated gifting option as they are usually considered mundane. But they have the potential of making a very good gift when you put in the research and effort to select from the numerous genres and topics. Choose one that he was eyeing for a long or you know interests him. Finance, novels, motivational, development, fiction, or health books make a good read. Choose a couple that would interest him and you can gift wrap them by hand.


Toolset fathers day gift ideas

Every home deserves a toolbox. We all agree on how our dads love to lend a helping hand at home. They are always ready and happy to fix broken items, redo things around the house. The toolbox is a handy, useful and great gifting option for dads who have the magical powers to heal, repair and fix things. He is going to feel so accomplished when he gets to use these tools to match his skill set. Don’t judge him when he tries to show off some of the work.

Tie and belt set with the watch

Tie and belt set with the watch

This gift is going to help the man of the house look dapper and stylish. Dads like to dress up well for any occasion, big or small. This collection combines all the necessities to complete the look. The options in colours, textures and combinations are umpteen to choose from. This definitely makes it to the top of the list of most stylish gifting options.

Personalized Printed Newspaper 

Personalized Printed Newspaper

It is not “Breaking News” that dads love to read the newspaper. The early morning time spent reading through the top headlines, their favourite column, sports news or even catch up on the world of entertainment. The newspaper is a one-stop shop for all the happenings in the world. This printed personalized newspaper can be customized to display quirky messages, appreciation and love for dad. He definitely deserves this “special edition” to enjoy reading in the morning. You can even get this framed. The frame gives you the opportunity to display it oh so proudly on the walls of your home.

Picture Collage

Picture Collage

This gift tops the personalized gifting option. Make a collage of all the precious memories with him. Make sure to include a few of your childhood pictures as he will definitely want to visit those golden days. He is definitely going to go “Aww!” Put extra efforts to dig out photos from various photo albums and choose the best you want to get printed. Such gifts adorn the home walls and serve as a stop for everyone passing by to pause and check out those precious memories.

Caricature Figurine

Caricature Figurine

This one is a contemporary gifting option. Your dad will definitely appreciate the fun element and the way his figurine was conceptualized. It is so much fun to find similarities and differences between the figurine and point out the characteristics of dad. Another option or upgrade is if you make the figurine to have a bobblehead. So much fun. A fun(NY) gift for the amazing dad.



Now, who doesn’t love cake? Everyone feels like a small kid around a cake. So consider this deliciousness as a gifting option. There are so many ways to customize the cake as per your liking. You can choose a simple cake with a message written on it or go all out and get a customized fondant cake with so many ideas that can be incorporated. Fondant cakes are very aesthetic, tasty and we can create masterpieces.

If you don’t want to choose any of these options you can look up a recipe online and bake it from scratch at home with your own hands. This gives a personalized touch and let’s face it, your dad is going to love the fact that you could make this on your own. He will be proud to see the outcome. Remember “love” is the secret ingredient apart from sugar, flour and vanilla.

Personalized Protein shaker

Personalized Protein shaker

Protein is a very essential macronutrient for our body. It is essential to get our recommended protein intake for the day. Gift this personalized Protein shaker with a quirky message or his name printed on it to make sure he is on top of nutrition with this one. This one will make a cool accompaniment to the gym. What a way to show off the drink and those muscles.


perfume fathers day gift

One of the most common yet loved gifting options is a good perfume. It is said that the perfume bottle doesn’t last long, but the scent surely does. There are so many options and varieties to choose from. Choose from a wide variety of musk, colognes, and fragrances that match his style and personality. Perfume completes the look for any occasion. It is one of the essentials in every man’s wardrobe.

Personalized Greeting Card

Fathers Day Personalized Greeting Card

The personalized card brings so much warmth to the message on Father’s Day. You can choose from a variety of different messages and options for the greeting card. You can also make one on your own. This personal touch makes it special. You can also make the card using seed paper, which later on can be used to plant into the soil at your home garden. A wonderful eco-friendly way to celebrate the day. No carbon footprint for the win. Also, you don’t have to break the bank with this one. Simple yet affordable and it is one of the coolest father’s day gift ideas in lockdown.

Smartwatch / Fitness Band

Smartwatch / Fitness Band

This gift will help the man of the house, our pillar of strength get and stay fit. This fitness tracker/smartwatch helps keep a tab on all the parameters of health like heart rate, pulse, oxygen levels, temperature, steps, and calories burned. He is bound to get hooked on this and will help him plan his day around his workouts. Being fit is very essential at this time and age. This will help him track his parameters and compare them over time. This device also helps track and notify if there is any sudden change in the critical parameters like heart rate or temperature. “My daddy strongest”. Let’s make this quote a reality.

Miscellaneous gift hampers

Fathers Day Miscellaneous Gift Hampers

You can make a list of the miscellaneous things that he wanted and make a cute hamper. This random collection just makes sense as it contains all the essentials that he needs and is his favourite. Put your creative cap on and decorate the hamper with eye-catching details and colours. Make sure to include all the things he had on his wishlist. This will be a pleasant surprise to find all of them together. That is the beauty of this miscellaneous gift hamper. Very personalised and useful.

Make this day very special for your Dad because he deserves all the love and appreciation today. Spend some quality time together and share meals, laughs, stories, and memories. You can also dedicate some amazing poem to your father and if you are searching for that have a look at Happy fathers day Shayari. Here is to celebrating the (super) hero of our lives, for all the love and affection they shower upon us. Happy Father’s Day to our (super) heroes!


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  1. Amazing, I am searching what to do special for my dad on Father’s day and get here coolest ideas.
    thank you so much

  2. Wow, thanks a lot for sharing awesome ideas. Currently in corona, cant go outside and give surprise to my father, but even living in home I will give surprise to my father.

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