World Environment Day 2023: Theme, History, Importance, and Quotes

Environment day 2021

World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June. The first World Environment Day was celebrated in 1974 with the theme “Only One Earth”. The main intention behind making World Environment day was to raise awareness to people about wildlife preservation, Global warming, human overpopulation, marine pollution, and sustainable consumption to protect our Environment.

Why we celebrate Environment Day 

World Environment Day is one of the most important days for saving our environment from numerous environmental threats around the world and encouraging people everywhere. Every year, Globe Environment Day is observed.

environment day

However the world is not just observing the day in the name of reducing pollution levels, but the amount of pollution is increasing year after year. There has been some reduction in pollution this year due to the global coronavirus, which has prompted a lock-down situation in 2021. Although this deficit is only temporary, we may enhance our surroundings if we become more aware of nature.

How Human and Environments is Interlinked

We all know our environment is built with the help of climate, cleanliness, pollution, and trees altogether, and all these things are related to our daily life so we can say the environment is made up of daily life and it affects our daily life.

How Human and Environments is Interlinked

Environment such as climate pollution or reduction of trees directly affects the human body and health. Humans with good habits like saving trees, stopping climate pollution, and keeping cleanliness also affect the environment.

Bad habits of humans such as contaminating water, wasting, cutting excessive amounts of trees, etc. affect the environment badly. As a result of which later humans have to suffer by facing natural calamities.

The biological components of the environment

All biological activities and processes are associated with the biological components of the environment, in addition to micro-organisms to insects, all animals and plants.If we see abiotic components of the environment including non-living elements and their associated processes, such as mountains, rocks, rivers, elements of wind and climate, etc.

The environment can be divided into two parts

The environment can be divided into two components based on human intervention:

The natural and the man-made environment. This classification is based on the amount of human intervention in natural processes and situations, with an emphasis on the extremes.

In this era, it’s very important to protect our environment and we have to manage it, environmental problems like climate change, pollution, etc are prompting human beings to change their lifestyle.

Today, the main issue is how to make the general public and the readers aware of the issue of the environmental crisis and what changes they can make for our environment. Now Let’s check out a subject for the World Environment Day Theme 2021.


World Environment Day Theme 2022:

‘Reimagine. Recreate. Restore.’ is the subject of World Environment Day 2022, which coincides with the start of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Pakistan is this year’s global host for the day, which highlights the necessity of ecosystem restoration. Last year’s theme for 2020 was “Celebrate Biodiversity.”

What is Ecosystem Restoration 

Let us know about Ecosystem Restoration, which basically includes helping in the recovery of ecosystems that have been destroyed, as well as the most important that is the preservation of intact ecosystems. Larger harvests of timber and fish, more fertile soils and larger stores of greenhouse gases are all benefits of healthier ecosystems with increased biodiversity.

Ecosystem Restoration

So, Restoration can take several forms, including actively planting or relieving pressures to allow nature to regenerate on its own. Returning an ecosystem to its original form is not always possible. We humans build infrastructure, Societies and farms cutting down forests. Restoration programmes can be undertaken by all  Governments and development organisations, as well as corporations, communities.

“Let’s nurture the nature so that we can have a better future.”

ecosystem restoration slogans

History of Environment Day

World Environment Day is observed all around the world to promote environmental protection and preservation. The United Nations has declared this day to raise worldwide awareness about the importance of a green environment in human life, to educate people around the world about environmental challenges, and to solve environmental problems by positive environmental action. It was founded in 1972 with the goal of bringing global political and social awareness to environmental issues. It was founded following conversations during the World Environment Conference of the United Nations General Assembly, which took place from June 5 to June 16. Environment day was firstly celebrated on June 5, 1974. The United Nations Assembly has started a large yearly festival to adopt effective steps, attracting the attention of political and health groups and involving millions of individuals from around the world.

History of Environment Day

Importance Of Environment in our life

The environment is extremely important in our lives; life on Earth is only possible because of the environment. If we are living today, it is only because of the environment that we got from our beautiful nature; a healthy and clean environment allows us to have a better life.

We should always be aware about when we breathe in, we take in oxygen, and when we exhale, we remove carbon dioxide. But have you ever thought about where we obtain our oxygen? We receive it from trees and plants, and these trees and plants are all part of our ecosystem.

The environment is a vital component of the planet as each of us is connected to the environment. We should care Environment just like our parents care for us. When we look back to our ancient times, we come to know that people spent much of their time maintaining the environment and keeping their surroundings clean and safe, and they also spent the majority of their time doing so. But now We all are busy with our own work. None of us Try to practice these activities. Let’s take a pledge that we’ll care and look at our surroundings at least once a week.

environment in our life

Earlier people understood the value of the environment, nature and knowing that if the environment is clean it will be more beneficial for us it also provides us with everything we require for survival. However, in today’s world, people are giving importance to environmental education, which has a direct impact on our health.

People used to walk miles on foot in ancient times, but if we see the stats of now, we find that for a short distance we use vehicles, and avoid walking as much as we can. By doing this we do air pollution and harm our health too.

Man used to acquire perfectly healthy vegetables, fruits, and other foods from nature, and by ingesting them, he was full of energy throughout the day and had no disease throughout his life, but today’s man consumes veggies in the same way that ancient man did.

He takes a variety of medicines and pesticides to obtain it, which has a direct impact on his health because the vegetable or fruit he ate has now been polluted, and the nutritious elements that should be in it have now been absorbed by him as a result of those medicines.

In today’s world, man has demonstrated many new innovations, as a result of which human life has become more comfortable.

Today, a person can go from one place to another in a very short amount of time since there are so many various kinds of vehicles, and their development is increasing.

We should use Government buses for short distance travelling because it will reduce petrol and diesel consumption as it will also be beneficial for the environment and it will help in reducing Air Pollution too. 

“It’s our duty to save environment’s beauty”

How to save our environment 

We haven’t any idea how we are damaging our environment in our daily life. If there is a drought, there will be a tragedy such as a flood, and earthquakes will strike someplace as a result of this environmental exploitation.

We Humans, on the other hand, continue to exploit the natural world. If we do not stand today for environmental awareness today, it will be too late.

Save our environment

Here are the ways how you can save environment by making small changes lets see those in the following ways :

  • Take a pledge to make Earth green by planting more plants and taking  care of them frequently. 
  • Conserve each and every drop of water. For example, trying to feel half a glass of water instead of full if they want to give it again here will save lots of water every day in hotels, mess, do not leave the tap running while brushing, wash the car with water in a bucket not just on the tap and leave.
  • Highly recommended not to use plastic polythene. We can use cloth  bags.
  • We use plastic plates at birthday parties in any event which take a long period of time to decompose. Instead of that, we can use dry leaf plates which are both cheaper and eco-friendly.
  • As of now if we see both Rural and Urban areas we found we use vehicles for shorter distances. We can go there walking and it would be beneficial for our health too.
  • Use cloths instead of napkins, as napkins are not eco-friendly to nature and we should reduce the cutting of trees and plants as they are the main source of food for birds, animals and us also. So, it’s necessary to balance the flow of nature.

“Heal the Earth, Heal our future”

Effect in the environment due to Covid-19

People are really afraid of COVID-19 because it has spread all over the world. People haven’t gone out because they are afraid of COVID 19. As a result, pollution is reduced. Let’s have a look at some other key environmental effects.

Effect in environment due to Covid-19

Due to COVID-19, people started working from home and the use of vehicles reduces worldwide because of that carbon emissions have decreased drastically. Here are a few more goods and bad effects on the environment due to COVID-19

Positive Impacts:

  • Availability of Freshwater increases.
  • The Wildlife is Expanding.
  • Using of vehicles reduces simultaneously decreasing the consumption of OIL
  • Vegetation Increases 

Negative Impacts :

  • Non- Recycle waste increases
  • Organic waste increases 
  • Managing waste management is difficult.

Quotes for environment day –

“Breathing can’t be stopped, but we can change & purify the quality of the air we breathe.

Earth is our mother. In spite of our desire to harm our mother, she will always love us forever.

Wasting time is useless cleaning the environment is the best.

By polluting clear water with slime you will never find good drinking water

Love green, save your environment. Happy World Environment Day

FAQ: World Environment Day 2022

Which is the country hosting the most environmental day?

Ans: Bangladesh has hosted the most number of World environment days.

Who started Environment Day?

Ans: World Environment day was started by United Nations in 1972.

What is the 2022 theme for World Environment Day?

Ans: ‘Reimagine. Recreate. Restore.’ is the theme of World Environment Day 2022, which coincides with the start of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

Which day is World Environment Day?

Ans: World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June. The first World Environment Day was celebrated in 1974 with the theme “Only One Earth”. 

What are the demerits of World Environment Day?

Ans: Honestly speaking, there are so many advantages on this day, Through this program peoples are encouraged to plant more trees. The only demerit is that we celebrate 1 day out of 365 days, why not celebrate everyday because 1 day cannot make great impact.


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