10 best LinkedIn post ideas for more engagement

10 best LinkedIn post ideas for more engagement

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for Job seekers and companies who hire people. Using LinkedIn is a weapon for any startup or small company because it will give you a targeted audience and build a relationship with new customers.

But one of the hardest things is how to come up with revolutionary content that will engage the audience. are you looking for some coolest LinkedIn post ideas which will drive your startup up to the next level then my friend you are in the right place.

These post ideas are also great when you are starting your business or launching your first product because you can reach a large audience with these online posts which could not be possible from offline. So let’s start this:-

Top Linkedin Post Ideas 2021 –

Make top 10 list

linkedin post ideas

Well, it is tried and tested idea for creating more engagement on LinkedIn. you should use this top 10 list ideas. You can make a list of different things according to audience behaviour.

Let’s say movies and cinema are always one of the trending topics so, you can make a list of the top 10 movies of different categories like sci-fiction (top 10), drama (top 10), and many more. You can also make a list of the top 10 books, novels, tourist destinations, and many more.

Burst myths of your working field

Burst myths of your working field in LinkedIn

People in India have so many misconceptions and false information about many things like many people think entrepreneurship, coding, social influencing are not worthy careers.

If you are working in any field no matter what it is, so you can solve the doubts of people by telling them a reality. If you are a good student in any particular subject then you can also burst myths of so many students who could not get good marks on that subject.

Posting videos and Memes

Posting videos in LinkedIn

It is so true that post which includes short videos attracts greater audience than normal post. You should also include short videos in your LinkedIn posts. It is not necessary that your video must be of 10 minutes or highly edited, you can also upload a video of little introduction of your content which would be rough of 40 – 60 seconds.

Post Memes on LinkedIn

You can post memes because memes are really fun to see and many people getting great engagement by posting memes, so you can also try it and the interesting thing is that memes won’t consume much time.

Creating Polls or Surveys

Creating Polls or Surveys

It is one of the great LinkedIn post ideas for more engagement. People like to give an opinion on many trending topics but they don’t have a better mode to express themselves and there you can grab this opportunity.

You just pick up the trending topics and issues which can be related to any category like technology, education schemes, cinema, politics and so and so on. Polls and surveys are good because they target audiences who want to give their opinion.

Posting inspirational quotes and thoughts

Posting inspirational quotes and thoughts on LinkedIn

It is also one of the effective ways to create more engagement, you can post the images of inspirational lines and quotes and help many people who are in depression or not feel the energy for work.

This idea is a really good way to attract a larger audience and many people became a superstar on LinkedIn by using this idea so, you can also try it and creating inspirational quotes do not take much time.

Sharing your experiences

Sharing your experiences

You can share your experiences through your posts which will eventually generate more traffic for you. You can share your experiences of different things like reading a recommended book by a big businessman or big leader, the experience of working in a company (if you have worked ), experience of travelling hills station or other tourist destination.

You can also share your bad experiences for public awareness like the experience of poor service by the big hotel, low standards of education by big self- acclaimed education institutions but you must not do false reporting because sooner or later you will be caught because it is extremely challenging and difficult to share those experiences which you never felt.

Post your daily routine

Post your daily routine  on LinkedIn

Many people find daily routine posts interesting as everyone want to know the others life through their schedule. You can post your daily routine which must include your entire day from morning to night.

You should also lay more stress on your work routine as people are curious about work routine and how you manage your work, sharing your daily routine can also help those who find difficulty in making their daily schedule and it will certainly help you to get more engagement.

Sharing Pros and Cons

Sharing Pros and Cons

You can also share the Pros and Cons of any specific thing like you can tell the pros and cons of the internet, the pros and cons of gaming, the pros, and cons of social media and you can also share the pros and cons of technology and many more.

This post idea is highly effective for getting greater reach. You can also tell the advantages and disadvantages of someone’s special query or problem.

Live streaming

Live streaming

You can also do live streaming as many people prefer live streaming but it is not like that everyone can do live streaming. For live streaming, you must have access to the live stream facility of LinkedIn otherwise you have to ask who has access to live stream and if he accepted then you can be a guest in his/her upcoming live stream.

Sharing tips/tricks and life hacks

Sharing tips/tricks and life hacks

You can share tips and life hacks related to anything like beauty, fashion, home décor, study, sports, and many more. You can share simple tips and tricks with your audience and it will easily get you more engagement because people love to know about useful tips and hacks which can help them.

For example, many people suffering from pimples and acne problems so, you can simply share some vital home remedies for weight loss, curing pimples, etc so In this way, you will definitely get a solid lead.


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